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If my 15-inch MacBook Pro's hard drive fails and don't have any warranty how much will Apple charge me for a replacement and the installment of the os so it's up and running again? I have a 250GB 5400 rpm. I would do it my self but i'm just scared that I would mess something up or something might go wrong.

MB166LL/A, Mac OS X (10.6.2), 17" MacBook Pro
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    well its really cheap for a new drive and to install is about the most easy thing you could install, if you can wipe your bum, you can replace the drive.
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    As you have been told doing the upgrade is extremely easy, it takes about 10 minutes. Apple even has the instructions in the owners manual...you did read the manual didn't you? You can get a 500 GB replacement for less than $100 and be back up and running very shortly. If you have a good backup that even makes it easier. The site I've provided the link to specializes in Macs and even provides free how to videos.

    If you do choose to have Apple do it, then you will need to contact Apple for a quote.


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    Hi Cris1395,

    While not the same exact capacity, I had a 160GB HD (@ 5400 RPM) replaced at an Apple Store about 2 months ago that was done out of warranty. The price "with labor" came to $137.45 and a 90-day warranty. That same HD runs about $70 via NewEgg.com

    If you don't feel comfortable doing it yourself I'd expect a similar price to the one I paid (it was for a customer that requested Apple perform the service and use their drive). As others have stated, the swap is very easy and quite frankly I'd save yourself the extra $65 or so.
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    Another reason to do it yourself is that Apple will give you a 90-day warranty on whatever drive they install, but if you do it yourself you'll get a three-year warranty (on most drives) from the drive's manufacturer.
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    Is there somewhere that Apple has stated officially that self-replacing a hard disk won't void the warranty on the rest of a MacBook Pro?
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    Yeah, in the manual.