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Simply put, it refuses to play any of my music.

I've had iTunes for the last 5 years, not a problem and it was fine up until today; have the new version and everything is all good. iTunes opens up but when I click on a song to play, it shows up as that it is playing (the pause button comes up and the speaker sign is next to the song) but it doesn't play and the song progression bar doesn't move. When I go to click on something such as the pause button it freezes a bit.

Any Ideas????

Toshiba Satellite, Windows Vista
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    I am in the same boat, please help!!!!
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    I've been dealing with the same problem for awhile now and searching everywhere for a solution - nothing.
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    I am having the same issue since I just downloaded iTunes worked perfectly yesterday pre-download.

    Thanks for any help provided!
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    I'm in the same boat - It's like the music played before but now when I try to listen to some of my songs, they won't even play. It's ridiculous. Hopefully, someone can point us in the right direction.
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    Hi there ..
    had exactly the same problem as described above, after the latest update of iTunes. Then I tried to play the same m4p-files using Quicktime instead. But - also in Quicktime, none of the music files could be played!! Finally I repaired the file access rights. Did not help either.

    After all , I did a complete reboot of my Computer. That "resolved" the problem. Since then I have not had any incidents. I must admit - I am not happy with this work around - as I always want to know why something doesn't work - but ... that's all I can contribute so far

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    Same issue for me. Happened as soon as I upgraded to I tried numerous work arounds to fix it:

    *reverted back to an older install, same issue
    *reinstalled on the old again, same issue
    *reinstalled QT only (I'm thinking it's an issue with the latest QT), same issue
    *did a complete removal as per apple (http://support.apple.com/kb/HT1923), same issue...


    Airwolf... what's this file access rights "fix" you tried.

    APPLE PLEASE HELP! I want my itunes back...
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    Just an update. I found this that didn't help me but may help others:


    Also, I solved my problem by disabling "exclusive mode" to prevent applications from taking exclusive control of my audio (accessed this through speaker properties).

    Good luck!