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My son bought a new large external hd and passed along his older 500 gig one to me to use for back up (I am getting a new iMac and want to use it for Time Machine). He was using a pc.
My question is: how do I format it to work with an iMac? I pulled up "info" and it says I have "read only" privaleges.
I think I have to use disk utility somehow, but when I tried to look it up, I kept seeing articles on partitioning and formatting. I think I just want to format it. (don't I?).
If someone could explain to me in simple terms what I am supposed to do, I would be so grateful.
Thanks in advance,

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  • Niel Level 10 Level 10 (285,135 points)
    Open the Time Machine pane of System Preferences and specify it as the backup disk; it will erase a PC formatted drive as part of the process. If that doesn't work, use the Disk Utility to erase it as Mac OS Extended (Journaled).

  • Charles Dyer Level 4 Level 4 (2,620 points)
    1 Open Disk Utility

    2 locate the drive you want to use. It should be listed something like '500 GB Seagate' or whatever make it is.

    3 listed directly below the drive should be the current volume(s) in use. If it is a Windows drive, it might be named 'Untitled' or similar.

    4 Select the drive, and not the volume. You should get a window with several tabs, labeled 'First Aid', 'Erase', 'Partition', 'RAID', and 'Restore'. Select 'Partition'.

    5 Select the volume scheme you want. I suggest using just one volume. Click the 'Options' button, and select GUID for the partition scheme.

    6 partition and format the volume, using Mac OS Extended (Journaled).
  • Jane C Level 3 Level 3 (670 points)
    Thank you Charles and Neil!
    I did it, following those wonderful step by step instructions Charles sent. Good to know that TM would have done it too. I am just eager to have everything all ready when my new "toy" arrives.

    I saved and printed out those terrific instructions in case I ever need them again.

    Once more, thanks so much to you both. I really appreciate folks like you who are so willing to help the less knowledgeable among us!

  • Charles Dyer Level 4 Level 4 (2,620 points)
    No prob.