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Basically, the first thing I noticed was (after syncing and charging my ipod) the screen of my ipod had 2 or 3 gray colored lines running across the screen. Lately, I’ve noticed that my desktop iMac periodically has the same lines, (from time to time) when surfing the internet (via Safari). The biggest problem now is opening new window boxes … i.e. opening a itunes, iphoto, or searching my hard drive while I already have Safari open. My iMac would consistently freeze as I was trying to add any jpeg pictures attachments to my Facebook page and while I tried to attach files to emails. The drop down box, which comes down, displaying everything in my hard drive, would (9 times out of 10) freeze midway through … so I could see half the hard drive box. The iMac then needed to be manually restarted, and on occasion it would restart itself. Also, I notice while pulling Youtube or Netflix fullscreen, the screen itself usually freezes or just goes to black and needs to be restarted.

Thanks for the help!

iMac, Mac OS X (10.4.11), Final Cut Express
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    I would do some basic repairs for starts.

    Try using Disk Utility to do a Disk Repair, as shown in this link, while booted up on your install disk.

    You could have some directory corruption. Let us know what errors Disk Utility reports and if DU was able to repair them. Disk Utility's Disk Repair is not perfect and may not find or repair all directory issues. A stronger utility may be required to finish the job.

    After that Repair Permissions.

    No need to report Permissions errors....we all get them.

      DALE

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    I preformed both ... Disk Utilities said "No repairs were necessary".

    What should I do next?

    Thanks for the help!
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    Try running your Apple Hardware Test . It's not perfect, but may flag something.




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    I've been having the same sort of problem, ie iMac freezing intermittently while on Safari or Apeture 3. Have tried every suggestions from the Apple Help desk, including new hard drive, tested the Ram, new Logic board, etc. Yes, I've rum all the utilities & have been in touch with the helpful Apple staff on the Help line. It's been at an Apple repair shop twice, & the upshot is that the product appears to be unrepairable.The machine is back with an Apple repair agent. Unfortunately, it crashes when it wants to & not necessarily on demand, so I have a tough time being understood by the Apple crew(s) to whom I talk. And, no there are no logs that cature "the moment(s)", although console logs have been sent to Apple. I think I might film & post a clip of the lovely iMac been taking it to a dump & being trashing it as I've almost given up!