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my iphone does not sync with my computer when i plug it in. i am a new iphone user and dont really know what to do. i know it is not the iphone 3gs but i also am not sure what iphone it is. the serial number is 88816*0KH. please help.

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    when i say it is not syncing i mean when i plug it in it is not recognized. please help asap.
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    Identifying iPhone Models: http://support.apple.com/kb/HT3939
    Use the model number listed on the back of your iPhone to determine the iPhone model. I don't understand how someone can own an iPhone and not know what kind it is before buying it, but that's a different story altogether I guess.

    If your iPhone does not have a model number or characteristics consistent with those in the support article I linked to above, it may be a knock-off. Otherwise, try these. Hopefully one method will work: (Note that steps 2 and 3 will erase all of your data and settings, but it can all be synced back if the content is in your iTunes library/computer or you have a backup of your device. In iTunes, go to Edit > Preferences > Devices to see a list of backups of iPhones, iPods, or iPads.)

    Step 1. Hard reset/reboot: Press and hold both the home button and sleep/wake button until it restarts. Keep the buttons held until it reboots. None of the data or settings will be erased. If this doesn't work/solve the problem, proceed to step 2.

    Step 2. Restore: Restore through iTunes by attaching your iPhone to your computer via the USB cable, opening iTunes, selecting your iPhone in the left pane, then selecting the restore option in the right pane. Remember to "restore from the backup of" first, and then if the problem persists, then "set up as a new iPhone." If you cannot perform a restore or your computer doesn't recognize your iPhone, then procedd to step 3.

    Step 3. Recovery: Force your iPhone into recovery mode and restore from there. To do this, turn it off (or leave it in the frozen state and try it from there). Then, press and hold the home button. Keeping it held, plug your iPhone into iTunes via the USB cable. Keep holding down the home button until the screen showing a USB cable and an iTunes icon appears. Then, iTunes will recognize your iPhone, and you can do a restore.

    Step 4. If none of the above has worked, then the only thing you can do is to take it into an Apple Store to get it replaced. If your iPhone is still under warranty they will replace it with no charge. You can also mail it in to Apple.
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    well i did step 3 which was the recovery and it took 45min to download iphone software ad it is still not recognized. help?
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    nope nothin worked. anything else i can try?
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    What are you trying to do exactly?

    Are you trying to use iTunes to sync?
    What kind of data are you trying to sync (music, movies, calendar, notes,etc)?
    Does your iPhone show up on the left hand side of iTunes?
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    Me too!
    I've tried everything:
    *resetting ALL settings on my iPhone several times.
    *Removing apps, etc.
    *uninstall & reinstall i Tunes a few times
    *resetting computer a few times..
    *using MSCONFIG and changing startup settings
    *removed all anti-virus programs, etc.

    I've tried ALL of the troubleshooting tips and diagnostics that iTunes have for us.
    I've tried some tips from discussion boards.
    But my iPhone STILL won't show up on iTunes
    BUT--it'll show up in "My Computer"...
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    Im having the same issues descibed here. My Iphone before 4.0 was a picture og a Iphone but now is a Digital camera, and the message says my iphone doesnt have the required software and I need to delete Itunes and reinstall. I've done that and I no longer have Apple Mobile Device Manager in My program files and when Itunes Downloads It rolls back the action of downloading AMDM and I cant connect to Itunes.
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    Im not at home to try this with my laptop but if ypour Iphone is showing up as a camera in my devices try this: