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I bought the Red Dead Redemption original soundtrack last night. And I had some trouble getting it to download. Like it would download 3 songs at a time, but as soon as it would finish downloading and start processing the file, that was all it would do, was process the file.
This went on for an hour, with me trying to find ways to get it to actually finish downloading/processing to no avail.
I finally gave up and shut my laptop down and went to bed. I got up later this afternoon to finish downloading it, and surprisingly it worked. Except it didn't download all the songs from the album. The album has 19 songs, and I currently have 12 of the 19 songs in my Library. And I only have 16 songs in my purchase history or whatever it is. And it won't let me transfer those 4 songs from my purchase history into my Library(don't know if I can upload it onto my Ipod cause I haven't tried yet)despite the fact that I can play them just well.
So I am missing a total of 7 songs from the album. And I can't find them on my computer, or in my iTunes Library.
And the only solution I could find was to redownload the album again, but that would charge me again.
This is crap, I bought the album outright, don't get all the songs, yet if I want them all I have to spend another 10 dollars to buy the whole album, or spend a dollar buying each individual song.
So is there anything else I can do to resolve this issue?

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    I'm having a similar problem, I purchased the OneRepublic album Waking Up (Deluxe Edition), and three of the songs didn't download because my computer shut off during the download. I keep clicking on check for available downloads, but it says there isn't any. Yet, if I go to the store and try to purchase one of my missing songs, it says that I have already purchased it. How can i find them and get them in my library? Can anyone help?
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    Same thing except it would be making me have to purchase it again if I wanted it. I can't find the missing songs anywhre. I am sick of this, this isn't the 1st time iTunes has ripped me off, but it will be the last.
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    Did you realize you can report problems to itunes store support?

    This is just a user forum - nobody posting here can fix failed downloads for you. However, if several users here complain about the same album, they usually get it fixed on their servers more quickly.
    If 10 people can't download the latest episode of "Community", for instance, it's probably because the file isn't right, rather than 10 users having PC problems.

    *How to report an issue with Your iTunes Store purchase*

    My advice is to ask for another download, or store credit.