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I recently bought a new iMac and transferred my user account across from my old Macbook Pro.
everything is working perfectly except neither mine nor my girlfriends iPhones are being shown in iTunes. If I plug them into the laptop iTunes detects them and all is well but there is nothing at all on the iMac. I've tried all of the USB ports, two different cables, reinstalling iTunes etc.
Any help at all would be appreciated.
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    tried ALL of these steps, iPhone 3G still not showing up in iTunes. it's getting very VERY frustrating. the weird thing is, it's recognized on my work computer fine. but all of my files are on my home comp and so i don't want to sync it to my work comp. so it's most likely NOT my iPhone, right?

    any other suggestions? PLEASE HELP!!!
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    On your iMac, have you done ALL of the software updates? Repaired permissions after performing these updates?
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    I had a similar problem when I transferred the iPhone to a new computer. I thought I had followed the instructions in that KB document, but when I took it to a local Apple retailer, the technician there reinstalled iTunes again, and during that process used both AppCleaner and AppZapper. That worked and the phone (and iPod touch) were then recognised.

    I was then able to follow wjosten's outline in the forums for making the transfer (my belated thanks, wjosten).
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    It's still not working properly
    I tried all the steps suggested in the article and it worked a treat with both phones showing in iTunes when pugged in. However, once the computer has been turned off it's back to square one again. I know I could just leave the computer turned on 24/7 but I don't want to and it's getting to be a right pain in the behind having to reinstall itunes every time I want to change the music on my phone.