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I purchased iphone 3gs in a local site. After 3 months orange had barred my calls. when i called customer care, i came to know that the person who sold the mobile was claimed it as lost mobile and they blocked my iphone. Now iam not able to do calls and receive calls. Please help me..i dont have options. I need to use this device as ipod touch. iam in latest firmware 3.1.3 and bb as 05.12.01. Is there anyway to unblock or unlock my phone.

Iphone 3gs, iPhone OS 3.1.3, latest firmware
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    No one here can help you.

    Since you purchased an iPhone reported as lost or stolen, you need to contact the local site where you purchased the iPhone and/or the person that sold the iPhone to the local site to report the iPhone as no longer lost or stolen to Orange.
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    Is it possible atleast to use in other countries. As my wife is going to our country this month end, i can send her there and will try to utilize there atleast..this is my big lesson..and i lost my money!!
    If i jail break and unlock, will it be helpful?
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    Unfortunately, you have found the one real drawback to the blocking of IMEI numbers that can be done in the UK. We cannot do that here in the US, so if someone sells a phone, they cannot contact the carrier and have the IMEI blocked if someone fails to pay or they just decide to do it.

    Why would the person that sold you the phone report it as stolen so the IMEI be blocked? I trust you paid them, or is this some scheme that is done in the UK to cheat people out of their merchandise once it is sold by a private party. Do you have any paperwork that shows that you purchased the phone, the cost and from whom you purchased it? Unfortunately, buying iPhones from other than the authorized resellers can be a crapshoot, and sometimes you can be burned. See if you can make contact with the original seller and get this resolved.
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    My bad luck, i dont have the cheater number or email address. I lost those information.
    Iam going to ask orange tomorow about any other alternatives to identify that stupid.
    will i get justice, if i complain to police department?
    If it works after jail break is also fine for me, can anyone please let me knwo the alternate solution, iam totally screwed!!
    i lost my hard earned money!
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    I'm not sure what the police can do for you, but you are well within your rights to talk to them. However, without any documentation about your purchase, it is going to be difficult, since you are in possession of property that is reported stolen/lost. Do you have a credit card receipt, a cancelled check, Paypal transaction, Western Union receipt? Something that shows you paid a particular individual?

    As far as jailbreaking is concerned, since that is not supported by Apple and voids your warranty, and violates the TOU for this forum, we cannot discuss any of those details.
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    Today I raised a request with apple saying that iam not getting signal from my phone. They said that they may replace the product. Still i didnt got confirmation.
    The thing is, when i bought this phone, it was boxed. I opened it and registered online in itunes with my simcard and my details. I hope, as per apple, iam the owner of the mobile.

    I have a doubt that, because of the carrier issue, apple dont return it back to me if i send for repair. Will update the team..
    Hope god is my side!!