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i recently used the option "convert higher bitrate songs to 128kbps aac" to save storage space on my iphone. it worked like a charm and i saved several gigabytes.
HOWEVER, as soon as i sync my iphone again, it starts to reencode approx. 60 tracks again! it takes a while of course and after that, the tracks are converted and on my iphone (i checked it). if i sync again it will reencode again the very same tracks (and delete them before from my iphone). this is really annoying because it costs time and cpu usage.
i didnt changed those files, i checked the date when they were changed, and they werent changend at all this month!

does anyone have an idea? i really like this option, but if it means that i have to convert 60tracks everytime i sync my iphone, i will have to disable it...

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