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Solomon Grundy Level 1 (0 points)
Recently, I have had to upgraded to a new Mac Pro /Tower & also had to upgrade all my programs/ apps. I can't seem to get my scanner to work through Adobe Photoshop CS5. [I have a CanoScan LiDE 30.]

I've downloaded all upgrades and have read about similar problems other users have had (on other discuss sites). I came across a discussion about a missing plug-in CS5 was missing.
From the Adobe website, I downloaded, what was said to be the missing plug-in [PSCS5OptionalPluginsMac_enUS] and have tried placing it in different folders all over the place (with restarts) & it either is in the wrong place(s) or its just crap.

Does anyone know which folder this plug-in goes or knows anything about it?

In the mean time I down loaded the canon toolbox (from the Canon website) and have been scanner to the desktop. It works, but there is no extras, just a scan and at optional dpi's.

If anyone else has had this problem, please let me know if you were able to fix it.

OR if you know of a scanner that works well in CS5. THX!!

Mac Pro, Mac OS X (10.6.3), Adobe Photoshop CS5
  • NicoMBP Level 1 (5 points)
    From should help:

    +To run Photoshop CS5 on Mac OS as a 32-bit application:+

    +Select the Adobe Photoshop CS5 application file, installed by default in the Applications/Adobe Photoshop CS5 folder.+
    +Choose File > Get Info, and select Open in 32 Bit Mode.+

    +Deselect this option to run Photoshop CS5 in 64-bit mode.+

    Guess the Canon drivers are not 64bit compatible.

  • Solomon Grundy Level 1 (0 points)
    Thx. Now where does the plug-in go? Can't get it to recognize the scanner.
  • Kurt Lang Level 8 (36,635 points)
    Plug-ins for Photoshop normally go in the Plug-ins folder, located at:

    /Applications/Adobe Photoshop CS5/Plug-Ins/
  • Wayne of America Level 2 (220 points)
    I don't remember how many versions of Photoshop it goes back but you haven't been able to scan directly from/into Photoshop for years (like we once did). I use an Epson scanner and use their software, or Hamrick's VueScan, to scan and then open in Photoshop CS5. Another responder is correct, some plugins don't work if you open CS5 in 64-bit mode, in my experience, Alien Skin's plug-ins.
  • Kurt Lang Level 8 (36,635 points)
    some plugins don't work if you open CS5 in 64-bit mode, in my experience, Alien Skin's plug-ins.

    Yup, not even the latest version 6 of Alien Skin's Eye Candy. They are working on a free 64 bit update to it, just no word yet on when it will be ready. OnOne Software's Mask Pro 4 was just released as version 4.1.8, which is supposed to work in 64 bit mode, but doesn't. I and a few others have noted it in their forums. No response yet.
  • Raydivs Level 1 (0 points)
    Has anyone found a resolution for this?

    I have a CanoScan 8600F, that come **** or high water, I cannot get Photoshop CS5 to see. Have read & watched, tried everything suggested, etc.. I do not want to have to throw more money after another application, such as VueScan.

    Anyone? Anyone at all? Anything?

  • Kurt Lang Level 8 (36,635 points)
    Drivers for this scanner for OS X, 10.6.x are available here. I wouldn't count on it to allow you to scan directly into Photoshop, though.
  • TrishR Level 1 (0 points)
    Has anyone found a resolution to this? I've downloaded the drivers. Can't see from the link above what the plug in is all about. I am trying to scan from my CanoScan 8600F into CS5. I cannot get it to work for the life of me. Anyone? Anyone?
    Thanks so much!
  • Kurt Lang Level 8 (36,635 points)
    Actually, I've never understood why people want to use this workflow. The only advantage to it is that you don't have to save the scan to the hard drive first, and then open it from there.

    But what about PS itself? If it crashes for any reason before you've saved your image, you have to scan it again. Good scanning software should also be able to let you queue as many images to scan as you can get on the glass. After the first one finishes and is saved to disk, open that and work on it while the scanner continues on with the rest.
  • bee keo Level 1 (0 points)
    I had no luck getting this old CanoScan 1220U to work with CS5 or even Image Capture until a coworker suggested TWAIN-SANE.
  • pixelsurery Level 1 (0 points)
    CS5 no longer supports TWAIN drivers period. I use vuescan others use silverfast, the quality is far superior and allows you to keep working in PS while you scan. Plus it allows you to calibrate your input/output using IT8 cards, it even makes printer profiles. My color control has been perfect since purchasing, plus its fast, I'm very impressed.

    I understand cost issues but, the benefits in productivity will far out weigh doubt and besides any worthy client deserves the absolute best.

    If anyone decides to got this route, avoid the kodak Q60 cards. Their expensive,mass produced and therefore untrustworthy.

    I recommend Wolf Faust for the absolute best German engineered IT8 system.
  • Kurt Lang Level 8 (36,635 points)
    If anyone decides to got this route, avoid the kodak Q60 cards. They're expensive, mass produced and therefore untrustworthy.

    Thank you very much for that link, pixelsurery. The Kodak targets are what I've used, but have never been real happy with the profiles they produce. I knew from the start they weren't very accurate, but couldn't find a suitable replacement. I will definitely be purchasing one of the Wolf Faust targets. Both reflective and transmissive.
  • horstp Level 1 (0 points)
    TWAIN scanner drivers are still supported in Photoshop CS5, but the TWAIN support plugin is no longer installed by default.

    You need to do the following:

    • Go to the Adobe website. In the Download section, look for Photoshop CS5 updates.
    • Download the "Photoshop CS5 12 Optional plugins" file for your language version of Photoshop.
    • Once the download is complete, double-click the "CS5Optional_PlugInsInstaller.dmg" file.
    • Double-click the file "CS5 Optional Plug-Ins.mxp". The Adobe Extensions Manager will launch and the install process will start.
    • When it is finished, quit the Adobe Extensions manager.

    • Launch Photoshop CS5.

    If the scanner driver is still not visible in the Import menu, your scanner driver may not be 64bit compatible. In this case:

    • Right-click on the Photoshop CS5 application icon and select "Get Info".
    • In the information window, check the box that says "Run in 32 bit mode".

    This solved the scanner problem for me.
  • mƒatal1 Level 1 (0 points)
    This worked!!!
    Thank you so much horst.
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