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Okay, my computer crashed while iTunes was running and when I rebooted it failed to load my library. Everything was still intact on my computer but, I lost all my playlists, specifically the playlist of everything I wanted to keep synced to my iPad. And, in my naiveté, I made the mistake of assuming that iTunes would continue to work regardless and never backed it up. So, it's gone forever.

My questions is why on earth can't I restore my playlists from my iPad or iPod? I can restore all other content from my devices, why not playlists? Instead, I plug in these devices and iTunes just deletes the playlists...what gives?

Windows 7
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    What version of Windows are you running? I have a VB script that will recover yor playlists and folders from an ipod. It creates a set of folders and files in the Windows file system that are equivalent to the playlist export files created by itunes. You can reimport hese into itunes and recreate your playlist.

    I have only been able to test it with Windows XP and an iPod classic.