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I just used OnyX (for the first time) to run all the maintenance routines, and now the fan is running continuously. I traced it to Spotlight re-indexing the hard drive. I tried to disable the process in Activity Monitor, but it pops back up and starts indexing again from scratch. If I shut the machine down, it starts indexing again from the beginning. The estimated time is 96 hours!!
I've used Spotlight twice since I've had the machine (1st generation), so I really don't need it. Is there any way to stop this process or speed it up? Or do I have to listen to the fan and have the hard drive occupied for the next 4 days?
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iMac G5, Mac OS X (10.4.9)
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    Follow up.
    After about an hour, the time remaining has changed to 20 hours, so I guess it will be quicker than anticipated. Now the new question--is there something in OnyX that can be disabled so Spotlight will not have to re-index each time?