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Simple scenario. I purchased a used iPad. It came with some apps already installed, purchased by the previous owner. The first thing I did (probably a mistake), was start using the iPad as is, including buying new apps via the iPad app store. A few days in, I decided to start the sync process with my home computer and iTunes, and realized that the old apps the prior owner purchased would be erased if synced the apps, so I delayed. I have since purchased many more via my iPad. I don't mind losing the old apps he purchased, but now I think I will lose the apps I purchased, since they are not in iTunes. So, my question is, how do I sync with iTunes so I can keep the apps I purchased via the iPad App store?
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    Since you don't have Sync Apps selected under the Apps tab for your iPad sync preferences with iTunes, with your iPad connected and without syncing, at the iTunes menu bar go to File and select Transfer Purchases From - the name of your iPad. This will probably transfer the apps purchased/downloaded with your iTunes account only. After doing so, select Sync Apps under the Apps stab for your iPad sync preferences with iTunes and leave this selected. With this selected, after purchasing/downloading an app with your iPad, the app will be copied to your iTunes library the first time you sync your iPad with iTunes after doing so. This also allows for deleting an app from your iPad with iTunes by deselecting the app under the Apps tab for your iPhone sync preferences followed by a sync. To re-installed the app later, reselect the app followed by a sync. After purchasing/downloading an app with iTunes on your computer, the app will be selected automatically under the Apps tab. Follow this by a sync to install the app on your iPad.

    All apps paid and free include DRM protection, which is tied to the iTunes account used to purchase/download the app.
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    You need to use "transfer purchases"

    I think it's on the context menu - right click on your ipad in iTunes to see it.
    If not there,then it will be on the store menu in iTunes - I am at work right now with no access to a mac to check...
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    Thanks Allan and Mad, this was exactly what I needed. I just did what you said, and iTunes copied that apps I bought via the iPad. So now my apps are safe. That said, if I want to keep using the old apps that were already on my iPad when I bought it, is there a risk if I just never sync the apps and just keep doing the copy my purchases approach? It seems that the only thing I would not be able to do is to purchase directly from iTunes on my pc and then get those purchases to my iPad. I don't really need to do that, so what is the downside if I never sync my apps? I am doing backups, and also now doing the trick you taught me to copy my purchased apps. So if I lose my iPad, or have to restore for some reason, seems like I can recover my purchases. Why would I sync?
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    You'd need to synch is to update the Apps to their latest versions. Mostly, it's not an issue. Depends on the App.
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    Thanks Rob. Sounds like I can keep owing what am doing until I either need to restore my iPad, or update an app.
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    I purchased a use Ipod, it has some purchased apps games on it, and when I sync it, the apps tranfer to my computer. Where did it go on my computer?  And I did auth it on my computer, how do I get them back on Ipod?

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    if you pick properties on an app it will display the path to where it's located on the computer