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    Hi all..
    Just a followed. iTunes has promptly refunded me the money used on authorised transactions. I am happy with their service
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    My account was 'hacked' last weekend...I recieved emails said to be reciepts for my purchases...I emailed stating I made no purchases...I went to my account and found that itunes had allowed someone to authorise another computer...someone from missori...and this someone spent all of my funds...I changed my password and emailed itunes again...I told them I had not made a purchase since the summer...I have a special needs son whom I home school and I had been purchasin Bill Nye for him...I had 35 dollars in the account on Christmas when I added a 15 dollar gift car my son had recieved for my account should have 50 dollars credit...I have ten cents...itunes emailed me back...the email said "I see you have a question regarding your can view all of your account information, including recent purchases using the link below...I emailed back asking for someone who knew what they were doing to get back to me...noone did...I emailed again, using a sweeter tone and explained the whole thing one more time...I get an email back...for someone else regarding someone elses account...I have had my itunes account for years and have never had any issues...I really wish someone would fix this...this would never happen if itunes used the three secret question options so many other sites use...I just want the 50 dollars back for my kid...and maybe an pc goes no where and my passwords are always secure...I also use Norton...itunes needs to step up
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    I had this same thing happen yesterday I had 50 in credit from a gift card I received got on my email today and had gotten an email saying my CC had been removed from my account logged into Itunes and saw that it was and that all but $0.46 of that credit had been used up. I sent Apple an email no reply yet but looked into it and seems that 50,000 accounts were put up for sale on some chinese auction site so my guess is Apple had a breach of security at some point. I use McAfee security center as well as as have used various malware programs and none come up with any problems.
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    My account was hacked into a few hours ago (Jan 19, just after midnight). Luckily I happened to check my inbox a few minutes after it happened, and managed to keep the thief from getting any of my store balance. I get so many fake emails that I was actually suspicious when I saw that my AppleID had been changed, but I looked into it and changed the password once I found out it was a legit email. I know the security was not a problem on my end, as I use an updated antivirus scanner every night and an anti-malware scanner once a week, and have yet to come across anything worse than tracking cookies.
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    My account has also been hacked a month ago. I reported the problem to Apple, but they did not reply. My money is still gone. Is that normal for Apple to reply late?
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    Just found out that my account was hacked... for the first time I used a gift card to add credit. I bought angry birds for my ipod and was looking for some movies to buy when I noticed my credit down to $0,27. The SOB stole me $13 purchasing chinese apps.

    Hope Apple give me the refund... Or I'll stick to the free apps, buy and rip CDs and give them no profit!

    It's amazing how easy it must be to hack the iTunes... Thousands of stories of hacked users in the web. I just wish I saw them before... Lucky me was only a gift card and not my credit card! Apple should review their security...
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    Man... I just found out I got hacked and as I am very paranoid, I went searching to see if others did too. Surprised that alot of people have the same problem. Luckily I also used gift card to purchase things from iTunes. I was looking forward to some new album releases but can't now since whoever hacked me spent $23 on fricken poker chips.


    I'd just like to say that Apple should really check their security.

  • carboncanyon Level 1 Level 1 (15 points)

    I've still waiting to hear back from iTunes about the money that was stolen from my account.


    This is another archived thread on the topic from 2008:


    They've clearly been putting a lot of work into stopping this problem which has been going on unabated since 2007, has completely screwed up peoples' credit and emptied their bank accounts. I feel so much safer knowing there's a 24/7 hotline for iTunes Fraud issues so I can take care of this in a timely fashion. The Better Business Bureau must love these guys.

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    My girlfriends account got hacked about a weekago, they said they would refund the mony one time only, even though she has an ipod classic and the hacker bought ipod touch games. Also right after it happened her ipod went crazy and doesn't sink, we kept asking support what to do and they just ignored us, I found some trouble shooting tips that didnt work so now she has to buy a new one, because support doesn't care if your account gets hacked.

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    This happened to me today.  I woke up to several emails telling me about payments from my PayPal account.  Upon investigation, I found that a free app called Kingdom Conquest had been "purchased" (quotes because it was a free app) and subsequently several purchases of credits/coins/whatever were made through my iTunes account.  They dinged me for about $100 from PayPal and wiped out my iTunes balance as well. 


    I have filed disputes with PayPal and reported this to Apple.  I heard back within an hour from Apple, and they refunded my credit balance.  Kudos to them for doing that.  I have changed my iTunes password and username.  Bizarrely, the hacker (if that's what it was) didn't attempt to lock me out of my account.  Thank goodness for that.  Be aware, however, that this is ongoing.  I was not phished.  I have a long, complicated (but not random) password.  Still, they got access to my account.


    Best advice I have outside of disabling your iTunes account is to completely remove any attached credit cards or bank accounts.

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    I was just hacked as well, by some sega kingdom conquest, i had $13..


    so uh give me my money please?

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    Just read a news article about the latest iTunes hack going on.  I remembered I posted here about the hacking back in August of last year.  Sure enough here is the community board and the hacking is still going on.  Now it looks like there are even more Hacked message strings in this forum.  And it looks like Apple is still not really doing anything about it.


    In my opinion you have two options.  I took my first option and I pulled the plug on Apple.  I can't trust their security system or their mode of handling the hacking issues - no more iTunes and App store for me.  My Android smartphone has been working awesomely for everything including apps and music since September of last year.


    Now the second option; if you still love Apple and really like the control they have over you, you gotta remove your credit card from your iTunes/Appstore account and just load like $20.00 at a time (or whatever you are willing to risk losing) from those pre-paid iTunes cards sold in all the grocery stores of the world.  Also change your iTunes/Appstore password every 30 or 60 days diligently.  And don't use dumb passwords either like "spring2011" or "GoCowboys", the criminals out there are 100x smarter than you when it comes to that.  Make passwords hard like this, but better and not so obvious of course:  B34UT1FuL or g04Br0K3.  get my drift.


    Cheers and Good Luck!

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    I've just been hacked too, £10.98 worth of points taken for 'SEGA Kingdom Quest', certainly not an app I have purchased. Luckily, that was all the balance left on my account but is still damned annoying.


    I've e-mailed support for them to credit my account but no reply yet. Seems to be happening to alot of people now though, many reviews on that app's page complaining they have been hacked and don't even own that app.


    WTH is happening with Apple's security.



    I only EVER use that password for itunes , and am pretty sure I haven't been phished. I regularly run spyware, virus scans too.

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    Same thing has happened to me apparently kingdom quest took out the remaining balance out of my account $12 and has left me with $.19.. i just emailed itunes and hope to get my money back. The purchase was made on june 4 and was charged on june 6. i can check on my ipad that it was made through an iphone but it is not my iphone so who's is it? is there anyways to find out more? and how do i remove my credit card?

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    Is this a matter of hackers guessing weak passwords / intercepting emails that have clues as to what the password might be? I imagine that if accounts were actually "hacked" vs. "someone guessed your password and just logged in and messed with your account" it would be international news.


    I don't want to suggest a "blame the victim" scenario, but should this issue be escalated very very very high in the Apple technical management team?


    (Sorry to say if it's "just" a matter of weak passwords, they'll just roll over and go back to sleep)

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