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Do any of the 3rd party photography apps let you convert RAW images to Jpeg on the iPad itself?

Do any of them let you change the resolution, especially resize to 72 dpi for Web viewing?

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    I don't know of any applications that can access the actual RAW data.

    Even the iPad photos app doesn't really understand RAW ... I believe that it is just showing you the embedded jpg that exists in all RAW formats.

    I believe that some of the photo apps (such as "Photogene for iPad") can also read in the embedded jpg and resize / adjust / etc. the photo and then let you send the photo to other apps such as Facebook. How well this will work will depend on the size of the embedded jpg in the RAW format you use. My camera is the 5D mark II which has full resolution jpg files. Other cameras (like the original 5D) have much smaller embedded jpgs.