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Is it possible to remove the dvd drive on the MacBook Pro? And if so, if I buy a MacBook Pro today, can I buy a blue ray drive when apple decide to release one in the future and install it on my MacBook instead of the dvd drive?
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    Currently there are no Bluray playback options for Mac OS X. While Windows has a few, and they may be available via Boot Camp or other Windows virtualization options, Mac OS X simply has Bluray burning capability and compilation through various software titles. Whether or not Apple will include Bluray capability in the future is speculation, and we have no idea if specific firmware would be needed to make it workable if software is created to take advantage of it in the future. Furthermore, third party drives may not be bootable. http://www.mcetech.com/ and http://www.macsales.com/ I think are the first to make third party drive Bluray that is fully backward compatible with existing DVD & CD for the Mac. It remains to be seen if they'll be functional with any future Bluray software Apple produces if it does.
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    It is not only video but audio standards that exceed sp/dif (coax/optical digital outputs) and require HDMI for higher transfer speeds associated with blue ray audio formats. It is a "bag of hurt" to upgrade any current Apple hardware to take advantage of all that blue ray can offer. That includes trying to playback files copied or downloaded to a hardrive as well. I believe Intel chips can decode the audio but without the drivers plus HDMI I don't know if it can be done.