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I'm new to iTunes. I have all of my music on an external hard drive. I do not want it stored on my computer because it takes up too much space. But when I use iTunes it saves it all on my computer anyway. How do I change where it will save to my F: drive instead of my C:?
Thank you so much! This had been very frustrating for me!

Dell Inspiron 1501, Windows Vista
Solved by Chris CA on Jun 4, 2010 9:13 PM Solved
iTunes prefs -> Advanced.
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    iTunes prefs -> Advanced.
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    If you have iTunes manage your media too, make sure after you change the location of your iTunes location that you consoldate any files to the new location. iTunes MAY move everything automatically, but it also may not. In that case, you can simply use the Consoldate Library feature (File->Library->Consoldate Library) and iTunes will make a new copy of all of your media from the old spot in the newly specified location.

    Then you can do what you want (presumably, delete) the files in the old location...double check to make sure everything transferred properly to the new spot first before you do so though

    Plus, now files that you add to iTunes will automatically add to the specified location, so you wont have to consolidate again
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    awesome! thank you!
  • frogmtm Level 1 Level 1
    awesome! thank you!