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My iphone is off by 5 minutes from my wife's iphone. We had a bet as to whose iphone was incorrect.

Turns out I have to do the dishes all week.

My Iphone 3G is 4-5 minutes behind every clock I can find that keeps accurate time. I looked up the official time online as well as a few other friend's iPhones. Mine is off.

My wife and I both have iPhone 3Gs.... and live in the same house. We have not jailbroke our phones or anything. I have never dropped it, I keep it in a case.

Any ideas how to fix this timing issue?

I've done a shut down restart. Let the battery drain dead. I sync to my computer on a daily basis.

I've searched for answers but have never found anything.



Macbook Pro, Mac OS X (10.5.6), Duo Processor
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