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Hello Garage Band Maestros...

Can I import an MP3 (a paid for and downloaded musicians backing track) into Garage Band? I want to extend the song by cutting a verse and solo from the middle and adding it in to allow for a further verse and solo to lengthen the song? I have GarageBand version 3.0.5 (104.10) running on Mac OS10.5.8, but I can do stuff on more powerfull macs if necessary.

Next, I want to add a harmonica track. I have SM58 microphone, and a Berringer mixer, but I don't know how best to connect it to the Mac, if it's possible even...

Finally, for now, can I then save and export what I've done as an MP3 and play it with iTunes again on the G3?
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    Yes to all of that. Garageband is not the best tool for the audio editing of the backing track but can do it. You can also use the SM58 and mixer plugged into your Mac to record. The G3 is the week link but should be fine. Remember to lock your backing track when you're done with the edit.
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    Many thanks, istevius. I know there are pro and semi pro packages for recording on the Mac, but I thought I'd start with GB. I think I can work out how to do everything, except import the MP3. I've looked at every menu and can't see how to do it. Any guidance would be appreciated.

    One further question. A while back when I was first exploring Garage Band I came across sample music in different genres. One was a really good harmonica blues track, but now I cannot find it. Does it still exist, do you know?
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    pmjps wrote:
    import the MP3.


    (Let the page FULLY load. The link to your answer is at the top of your screen)

    a really good harmonica blues track

    perhaps you were looking at the Magic GarageBand options
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    Hello Istevius,

    Thanks for your help so far, but I'm stuck again.

    I've exported my track to iTunes. I'd thought I could send it to my G3 attached to an email...
    The aif file is about 50mb. Sadly too large to send by email, and anyway, I don't need that quality since I started with an MP3.

    I tried the GB compression option and created a .m4a file. Seemingly the only option.
    I successfully sent that with an email to my G3 laptop, but iTunes 2.0.4 doesn't seem to be able to recognise it.

    Can I produce an MP3 with GB3.0.5 on an OS10 machine, or have file formats moved on?

    I can burn the aif onto a CD and get it onto the G3 that way. It seems a bit tortuous, but if I did, could I convert the .aif to an MP3 using iTunes 2.0.4, and if so how?

    If you have advise, it would be gratefully received.

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    (Let the page FULLY load. The link to your answer is at the top of your screen)

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    Did you figure it out? If not, what do you have available in the form of Macs? You have the G3 and what else? There a lot of options available for what you want to do. If you are to the point where the only thing holding you up is emailing the file, Check out yousendit.com and sign up for the free account. You can send files up to 100MB.

    Also, for little more info on importing and arranging actual songs within Garageband, check out http://blog.macformusicians.com/2009/12/17/demo-sampler/
    may not be exactly what you are looking for, but touches on the subject of importing and arranging audio.
    Hope that helps!
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    Hello, and thanks so much for taking the time to offer help.

    I have a 'zShare' FTP site so I can use that for transfers, but I'm trying to keep music files to MP3 typical size.

    As well as the G3 running OS9, I have an iMAC running OS10.5.8 with GB 3.0.5, but I cannot work out how to make an iTunes compatible file in MP3. All I can create is a .m4a .

    I've taken the .m4a to the G3, but it doesn't recognise it.

    Bu**ar.... ?

    Help ................................

    pmjps aka 456
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    pmjps wrote:
    I cannot work out how to make an iTunes compatible file in MP3.

    the link i posted explains how