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    Thanks for stating what's been said before Lawrence-- ATT charges for all packets, not the ones that just reach their destination.  Bandwidth consumption means different things to different people and customers have no idea that like the cellular devices before smartphones-- all this gear really is are radio equipped devices.  Bandwidth is bandwidth and whatever is consumed is how the carriers see fit to bill regardless of how many packets or re-transmits there are, consumers are using space.

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    After turning of my cellular data service any time I wasn't using it, I decided to completely wipe the phone and restore it using my computer to see if that would help.  I had already changed all the settings to basically get email, updates from apps, etc. manually instead of pushing the notifications and I had closed apps by pressing the home key twice and exiting anything that showed up, so that should have helped but never did. Interestingly, when I forgot to turn off cellular data the other night after having restored the phone, I was still getting data coming through on the wifi and data plan but to a much lesser degree.  Instead of having 12MB traffic from my phone overnight (plugged in, which doesn't seem to matter), I had a tenth or less of that coming through.  One of the AT&T folks suggested that the phones struggle when asleep with wifi available and the data plan turned on.  I'm not sure that I buy it, especially in light of the earlier post someone had about so much Apple Store activity.  For the time being, my solution, as frustrating as it is, is to have the cellular data on only when I plan to use it.  Dataman has also been helpful in showing precisely when data is being uploaded or downloaded so that I could prove that it was basically a continuous occurrence throughout the night, always starting when the phone went to sleep and stopping when I woke the phone up in the morning.

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    I am seeing the same thing.   We have (4) iPhones on a single account, and at least 2 of them are sending copious amounts of data when their users are sleeping and WiFi connections are available.    This is a bug.  Either AT&T is billing us for diagnostic packets, or something is not properly using the WiFi network.


    Given the amount of responses on this thread, I sincerely hope someone from Apple is going to notice this, put a sniffer on some devices on AT&T's network and get to the bottom of this.


    One device just went over its monthly data limit last night -- $$$$.   I am on my second call with AT&T tech support right now.   So far, I have yet to talk to anyone who can go beyond the "obvious" explanations or really help here. 


    Let's hope others report this.   And let's hope Apple / AT&T can fix this.    This is bogus $$.

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    GleeSC wrote:


    I am seeing the same thing.   We have (4) iPhones on a single account, and at least 2 of them are sending copious amounts of data when their users are sleeping and WiFi connections are available.    This is a bug.  Either AT&T is billing us for diagnostic packets, or something is not properly using the WiFi network.


    You didn't read much of the thread.


    1. The data does not transfer when users are sleeping, it is recorded in the billing system at that time and is accumulated data usage over an extended period during the day.
    2. WiFi connections are NOT available when the phone is asleep. WiFi is turned off when the phone is not actively being used to conserve battery. So any data transfers when the phone is asleep and not plugged in to power will go over the cellular network.


    All of this has been repeated hundreds of times in the thread and confirmed. The ONLY way to find out when the data transfers actually happen is by purchasing a monitoring app such as Dataman or Onavo.

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    With all due respect, that is exactly what is happening in my case.  As I mentioned in several earlier posts:


    1) The phone is plugged in (charging to 100% overnight) and on a strong steady WiFi connection.


    2) I am using Dataman and Onavo to track what is happening – not AT&T's billing data.


    3) Overnight data - megabytes of data – is transferred at the same time on both WiFi and Cellular.


    4) When on WiFi only, phone plugged in,  with the cellular data network off, there has never been any significant transfer of data overnight.


    5) Everything on the phone is set so that there should be no automatic transfer of any kind: Safari pages all closed, the only apps in the dock are Onavo and Dataman, push and fetch off, Store set to not use cellular data, etc., etc.


    6) At least in my case Onavo reports the data transferred overnight as 100% iTunes/AppStore.


    7) This is a real, documented problem that needs to be addressed by Apple, AT&T or both.

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    Well, I have to admit that I am too lazy to read all the threads.

    I read some but not all, so I may missed some.


    My wife's phone is in similar situation and I am working hard to figure out what is going on here.

    My observation is similar to Max's.


    One area I am testing is the backup (to iCloud).  Of course it should not use cell data, but if there is a bug and that may cause trouble.  I do not see any other large data transfer from my wife's phone unless there is a trojan horse type thing going on.  I think onava may count this as itunes activity.


    Of course, this may not happen for everybody's phone as mine and my daughter's iphone does not have same problem.

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    Massive 600Mb Data Overage Charge - with AT&T


    We discovered the same problem on our son's iPhone 4s after he returned from the hospital.  We subscribed to AT&T's "Parental Controls", and I received an alert about 'data overage'.  When I checked activity on the AT&T website, I was very surprised to see 600Mb of data transfers in the month of February.


    Very surprised, because our son was in the hospital for weeks.  His iPhone 4s was sitting on the counter, unused.


    I called AT&T and they offered to remove the charges.  This was obviously not sufficient, however.  I asked to speak to a supervisor -- to explain why these charges were being billed.  Why wouldn't it happen again, next month?  The supervisor was supposed to call us an hour ago - but you guessed it, no call.


    This follows on the heels of the infamous "international roaming" charges.  Our son was hit by that too, during a school trip to Peru last summer.  He did not use his iPhone -- but we received a $900 bill from AT&T.


    Twice burned, twice shy.  Apple needs to take quick and effective action on behalf of their customers.  These signficant service / billing problems are damaging the reputation of the iPhone.

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    Update on usage - I phoned Apple and they said a common problem was notifications - I thought I had already turned these off but I had left twitter and mail on.  The rep said that the notifications would be continuously checking with the mail server or twitter for new items.  I didnt believe him as I was not receiving any notifications from either source.  Anyway I did as suggested and it worked - my usage has dropped back down to the more normal less then 10mB a day even if I do a lot of mail and use of flipboard.  My average usage is back to normal.


    The other things the Apple rep suggested were points mentioned in this thread such as ensuring iCloud only worked on WiFi, reducing the number of times the mail app checks with the server, watching location services, turning off apps that access the internet when not in use (this did not apply to the mail app which doesnt seem to be the problem).  I had done all this anyway so it was not the cause for me.

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    MarkHays wrote:


    This follows on the heels of the infamous "international roaming" charges.  Our son was hit by that too, during a school trip to Peru last summer.  He did not use his iPhone -- but we received a $900 bill from AT&T.



    curious to know how AT&T even knew to charge him roaming if he didn't use the phone.

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    Hello All...


    I have not read every response but I have filtered thru some of this thread and wanted to post my thoughts after also talking with AT&T about my daughters data usage bill.  There can be a FIX if APPLE & AT&T choose to work on it.


    Same thing occurs... at night when her phone is idle in sleep mode, saving battery life the phone goes off our network and on to 3G and that is when the phone sends lots of data 26,000 KB or more at 11pm, 1am 3am when we know she is not using her phone.  This is a BUG and both APPLE AND AT&T need to be working together to make a solution. 


    After talking with AT&T Technical Support top level they hopfully are taking my suggestion and recommending it to APPLE DEVELOPERS... of if the phone is in sleep mode to wake and check if on "HOME NETWORK or PRIMARY NETWORK" and send data thru that mechanism first, otherwise use 3G.  This would solve the at night when phone is idle (data overages) and not interfere with 3G service for phones when users are out at 1am still want to data usage when not on their network. 


    I hope APPLE DEVELOPERS have someone reading this thread and will take this recommendation to heart, you develop a cool phone but if the data charges are the price of a monthly car payment then the solution is priced out of majority of users ability. Especially when you can code it to prevent unessessary data transfers over AT&T services verses our home network or primary network.


    APPLE DEVELOPERS please work on this fix!!!!!!!

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    Apple developers do not read the forums, and even if they did the couldn't do anything because they just develop what is in the specs they are give; and Apple in general does not read threads except to collect statistics on reported issues and to moderate where needed. But the mods are not technical.


    While you focus on AT&T, note that data usage higher than expected has been reported around the world, not just in the US.


    Have you tried leaving the phone plugged in overnight, which should keep WiFi on?


    Have you gone to System/Notifications and turned off unnecessary System Services?


    Does your daughter have the Facebook app? If so this probably accounts for most of the data. Try disabling Notifications for it and see what happens.

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    As my earlier posts indicated, I did all the things you mention in your questions above, but it doesn't work.  (This was after having read through the discussion board pretty thoroughly to try anything to get the data problem ot stop.)  I had my phone plugged in every night within reach of my wifi (just in the next room), extraneous services and notifications off, etc.  And I still had data coming through the entire night, as Dataman indicated.  Having your phone plugged in does nothing for this problem, unfortunately, and the issue had a sudden onset after months of NOT having that level of data coming through.  It also didn't coincide with any software updates.  The only thing that has made the problem less of an issue was (1) wiping the phone and restoring from my computer and (2) turning off cellular data overnight.  (Even though I restored the phone and basically put all settings to manually get mail and other basic functions, I still had a steady flow of data, albeit much less, all night.)

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    My daughter is 12 and not on Facebook and does not have the app so its not that and we all have ihomes and are charging every night and the phone still goes off our network and into the 3G at night. She does not have notifcations turned on so this also is not the issue.  We believe iTunes is the culprit in the data as it may be syncing with iCloud because that is the only item where she is adding movies or songs and apps updated.


    Besides AT&T Technical Support highest level I have also reached out to APPLE but it helps if the community gets around the idea of the solution and promotes that and even though moderators read the thread, the more the idea gets out the better and you never know.... this might just get to a person at APPLE who can make a difference.


    To not say anything would not help make APPLE products better, even if DEVELOPERS are not reading this thread. The concept suggested is a good concept to solve the date overages at night issue if APPLE will take this suggestion.

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    Hi! everyone,


    I was searching for the next iOS update on wiki and saw the section of iOS 5 bugs, so I went ahead and added this issue there. Please check/modify here: OS_devices


    It seems the next update 5.1would come out soon, let's see what's gonna happen, but I doubt it would make any difference. But I figured maybe adding this to wiki could at least get some attensions from Apple or carrier.

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    Thank you for the link and your proactive approach to this long standing issue. I know for fact that companies do monitor customer blogs and discussion sites (even if it is anonymously or by proxy). It is to their benefit.