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    But it is NOT doing that.  Apple states in support doc TS4264 that APN will always use cellular over WiFi unless it is unable to make the connection via cellular.  I have logs from DataMan Pro as well as ATT usage logs showing that APN is sticking to the cellular side even when the phone is plugged in and there is WiFi available.



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    Lawrence Finch - What do you make of LouisNeville's posts on this related thread?

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    He's wrong to say it is new with iOS 6. I have had an iPhone since the first day they were available, and I have done network tests that verify that WiFi is turned off when the phone goes to sleep, approximately 45 seconds after it goes to sleep, to be exact. It's an easy test:


    Go to your router's control panel and check the IP address of the phone, or get it from the WiFi settings on your phone.


    Open a command window on your computer and type:


      ping -t <phone's IP address>


    You will see a continuing stream of responses. Now put the phone to sleep. The responses will continue for about 45 seconds, then will time out.


    I've done this with every version of iOS since I noticed that I was using cellular data when I thought WiFi was on; that includes all versions of 3, 4, 5, and now 6.

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    Hi Lawrence,


    You helped me understand a few things so far!  Can you help me with this issue:


    Is there an app that will show data usage for specific apps?  I'm curious to find out which app xfered 5 MB yesterday morning when my phone was locked and I was sleeping.  DataMan Pro did this but is no longer available.  Of course I know I can't look into the past but to be able to log/monitor this in the future will help my OCD.




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    Apple doesn't allow apps access to the system functions that would be required to track data use by app, because that capability could be used by apps to spy on other apps or on you. The closest that you can get to this capability is Onavo, which routes your data through their servers so it can do data compression. It also tracks the data for each app that it supports.


    Onavo also interferes with the normal operation of some functions, such as the WiFi hotspot capability.

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    RE:"Cellular usage even when there is Wifi"


    I really hope in apple's wisdom it is not using a speed or reliability test to determine if it's on wifi vs 3G or 4G or LTE.. because that will be dumb. At current rates users are gettign faster speeds on LTE than their wifi and so if a speed test is used to determine the "better" connection, then wifi is not going to be used.


    I really hope i am wrong cause this would be a HUGE over site.

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    its software related and has apperentlich something to do with your router... which make some how no sense, as my ipad3 works fine on ios6 and home network (slow really slow tho) but my iphone 5 doesnt... used 2.1 gb in 6 days inform ur carrier about that problem, as apple hasn't acknowledge it yet officially for eveyone (verizon excluded)

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    Hey, just caught onto this thread, I have started having these issues in the past month.  My IPhone's average usage per month in the first 35 months i had a contract with this company was 124mb a month (1gb a month package). In the past month, since I had updated to IOS 6, i had the past month of 3.38 gb of data, with the data collection for the day showing between 11mb and 567mb in a day where i do nothing but listen to music and text.


    I am not saying that this is IOS 6, just that this is when it started for me, and i have factory reset my phone, and disabled many options to no avail. To anyone that has this issue in Canada like myself, I am with Telus.


    Just was curious if anyone had any information that may differ to my company from the AT&T, Verizon and other non Canadian companies. Thank you.

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    Hi Jerry, I wrote a reply in this tread couple of weeks ago, It also happened to me (Italy- H3g company) with one of my two phones i jumped from 1 Gb month of usage to 3 Gb a week (mostly sent data). I finally fixed it (but never had a single reply to my post...) with a combo like this: reset to factory default, upgrade to IOs 6, local backup (no iCloud backup), no family share (i think it was the real problem as I think that my Iphone was trying to sent video and music through 3g instead of wifi..but not sure), and also for this Iphone, i created a new Apple ID (just to be sure). Believe it or not, after 3 months of over quotas (mostly 5 Gb/ month) now my Iphone returned to normal usage ( by now 700 Mb during this month).


    Hope it helps


    Lemme Know.


    See ya



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    Hi Jerry,

    I'm located in Montreal, using the Telus network and everyday i have "sent" data uploading between 500Mb-700Mb within the span of an hour randomly. Have you found a solution to this problem?

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    I recently swapped my iPhone 4 for an identical refurbished replacement at the Apple Store and the strange updloads began shortely thereafter. There was one for 569!


    I'm wtih ATT. All the reps I've spoken to insist on giving me tips such as "don't stream Netflix".


    I'm going to the Apple store tonight and asking to swap again. Perhaps it's a hardware issue?

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    Just Turn off Cellular Data when you connect to wifi seems like the Smartest Decision

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    Hello, just to give you all an update on my situation.My phone was Uploading 500mb+ every day, i downloaded the Onavo app to track where this data was coming from and it turned out it was a glitch with my hotmail account i entered into the mail server of the iphone 5. I deleted it, re-entered my information and the problem has been fixed.

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    I have the same issue. i was lucky to go over 400MB a month as always use WIFI. after i updated to IOS6 and 3 days in to a new month i got a txt saying i am over my limmet and i checked and i had used 700MB in 3 days and i had not Downloaded anything or only checked facebook about 4 times (each time for about 5-10mins).



    Here is what i have found on my phone bill. I can see at 00:00 my is where data useage is being used. best thing is that i am sleeping at this point so it is not me on the phone and the only thing i can think off. my phone is backing it self up to ICloud wile i am sleeping. sins the 19th Sep i have moved home so dont have WIFI.


    Wile i have my setting to backup my phone when it pluged in and on WIFI. but i think it is useing DATA then WFI.


    Mon 17 Sep 00:00Mobile browsing + dataMobile internet 21.327MB
    Tue 18 Sep 00:00Mobile browsing + dataMobile internet 61.249MB      0.000      0.000
    Thu 20 Sep 00:00Mobile browsing + dataMobile internet 776.622MB***************

    Thu 27 Sep 00:00

    Mobile browsing + dataMobile internet 27.318MB      0.000      0.000
    Wed 3 Oct  00:00Mobile browsing + dataMobile internet 18.883MB


    Have not found a fix to this yet but i would say this is a apple software issue. prob to save battery life to turn off WIFI when in sleep mode.

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    As I said until Apple fixes this annoying problem were just going to have to live with it just turn of cellular data when connected to wifi so it won't charge you.  I believe when ever the the iphone or iPod goes idle after a couple of minuets of not using it it turns off wifi and switches to cellular data.