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    Okay, here's 'my' story:  11/30/12 both of my kids were at a bar.  At 11:37 and 11:39, for the first time on this current bill (11/11 - 12/10) they both incurred a Internet/MEdia Net charge, respectively!  This then occurred at 12:37 a.m., 1:37, 2:37, 3:37, 4:37, 5:37 and ongoing for my one daughter and 12:39 a.m., 1:39, 2:39 etc. for the other.  No new apps were loaded, the previous Internet/MEdia Net were a couple of times a month.  But this started at the same time for both phones and is happening every hour on the hour.  I can't see it being a push notification, I can't see it being an application, but both reset their iphones and it did not stop it.  Two different phones/models, at almost the exact same time started the sent data.


    Okay, I personally know nothing about cell phones, I just text and call on my Samsung.  However, if this were to happen on a computer, it would be a virus or a program/app installed by an unknown person.  What is the information that it is sending?  Now the kids understand why I said, DO NOT DO BANKING on a cell phone, DO NOT BUY anything on a cell phone with a credit card, yadda, yadda.


    Also another question, why is the internet being used, when in my house they are connected by wifi?


    AT&T had no real answers, but thinking on it I would think it is an Apple problem or phone problem.  But you guys were the closest thing I could find that might understand what is happening.  I don't know any phone experts...


    I am just really, really confused on what is going on and how to stop it.  This is EVERY HOUR ON THE HOUR on TWO separate phones.  It started at exactly or almost the same time.  The only miss was when I was on the phone with AT&T discussing it at 2:37, so you should have seen that send.  Also both sends after the kids reformatted the phones through iTunes or whatever were large, 2,000 to 3,000 KB.  Granted not large by general standards but larger than the 1-68 KBs that had been being used.  One phone is sending significantly more on the whole 15-100 KB versus 1-5 KB with one or two exceptions and had less apps.


    This is driving me bonkers, btw, which is why I started investigating and found you guys.  I did shut the internet off on one phone just to see what would happen.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    I ran into a surprise large data usage uptick and discovered the cause, at least in my case. It's easy to repeat. 

    I received a message from Verizon that I was approaching my data limits.  I discovered that I had logged a surprising 2GB of use over the past 24 hours, with hardly any actual physical use of the phone.  Checking usage settings, I could see that indeed the minutes used were going up rapidly in real time, all outgoing. 


    The problem was caused by an email that was too large.  It was sent, a warning came back that the server refused it, then without indication it sat in the Outbox.  Although there were no spinning dials or other indications of activity, the Iphone 5 was apparently continuing to try to resend this, but now without error messages.  Deleting the email from the Outbox solved the problem.  This is repeatable.


    So how did I get such a large email?  I created the too-large email by going into Photos, selected Edit, then multiple photos, then Share.  Since the photos exceeded the message limit, Apple didn't provide "Mail" as a share option, but did offer "Copy".  So I just copied and pasted the photos into the email and inadvertently created a message that exceeded the server limits.


    I hope this is helpful to someone.

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    On going to my problem, as soon as my Samsung phone left WiFi connection, it started the 'sents'.  I did not know this, we went to the Apple store, the iPhones were wiped/restored or whatever they call that procedure and now two different iPhones and my Samsung is doing it more than just hourly.  AT&T is saying that the charges are not excessive, but it is the fact that they are doing it constantly, as little as hourly, as much as five to ten times an hour on all phones.  I am now taking this up with AT&T as well.  Yeah, I think I'll shut the internet off on all phones....

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    The hourly, 1-100KB cellular data transmissions are unavoidable unless you totally disconnect the iphone from the cellular data network.  It has to do with the way the notifications are handled. Notifications MUST be initiated on the cellular side as that is the only way to do them without keeping a WiFi connection live which would drain your battery in a matter of hours.  I did a lot of testing and even if you turn off the cellular connection, once you open it back up, the cellular network and the phone proceed to transfer just as much information as would have occurred if you left it connected all the time.  As the AT&T person indicated, the charges are small.  Such is the price we pay for modern connectivity.  At least the hourly transmission you are seeing are completely normal and expected.  It is only with teared data plans and everyone paying more attention that things such as this are bubbling to the attention of end users.  The reason for the apparent hourly periodocity is an product of the way the cellular carriers log data.  The actual transmissions can and do occur at random times, they just get rollled up into a single entry in your usage log.


    David T.

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    Okay, but why did they start on 11/30?  We have had the same phones and same service for years.  We have had no Internet connect charges from 11/11 to 11/29.  The 'notifications' have increased with the new phones and no apps.  The Samsung has no apps other than a flashlight.  I am so not trying to be combative if that's the way it sounds, just that I do not understand why all of sudden in the last three or four days this has started happening and with the increase in frequency.  The other downside is that the iPhones have more of a problem finding the WiFi than the Samsung. 

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    I have been having the same issues with Vodafone in Egypt.


    I have an iphone 4s and noticed regular huge downloads in the middle of the night. Thankfully Vodafone gave me a refund when I showed them these late night downloads as a sign of good will.


    However I still regularly get a warning first thing in the morning telling me that I have used 80% of my data, swiftly followed by a 100% warning a few minutes later. This is usually if I have neglected to turn off cellular data before i go to sleep. But this is inconvenient, and there should be an option to switch off background downloads.


    I am a huge apple fan, always have been, however Android phones seem to have got it sussed with that simple "switch off background activity" button. Added to this, I bought a smart phone because that is what I wanted. I don't want to have to manually exit every app and turn off cellular data when I am not using it.


    What really disappoints me is the volume of messages posted in this thread and so far not a single response from someone representing Apple. To get any support from Apple themselves, it seems that I should have paid up for extra applecare insurance, but this is not an insurance issue. Surely this is an issue to do with the phone not really working as it should.


    Would love to hear what is being done. It is quite clearly an international issue, not just a single phone network, so the common denominator is the phone and its software.

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    Okay, after spending two days on this issue.  I have an iPhone 4s(?), an iPhone 4 and a Samsung Galaxy.  I went through all of the past history and found data transfers being sent until recently.  Recently I found Internet/MEdia transfers.  Like AT&T forgot to tell me they changed the name.  Due to the fact that the Samsung was sitting ontop of my router, it was probably doing it WiFi the whole time, until I left the house today, when it started.   AT&T also changed from MG to KB, etc.  I checked the montly usage and basically it was about the same.  These charges are not from Apps, the brand reset/reformatted phones by Apple had NO APPS! And, infact, after being newly reset/reformatted they started sending MORE than hourly, up to 10 times an hour.  My Samsung only had a flashlight app.  These transfers are from original apps on the phone.


    Now surprisingly, my daughter and I traded phones so I got the iPhone 4.  I am having a bit of difficulty with it staying connected to the WiFi or reconnecting to WiFi when it sleeps and wakes up.  Very possibly I don't know what I'm doing and she will tell me in the morning.  I do think this is bad if it is the norm.  If it is near a WiFi connection it should stay connected or reconnect, or have an option.  However, I looked at the phone under settings, there is a cellular data setting which will restrict all cellular data to WiFi only to include email, web browsing and push notifications.  I won't know definitively until tomorrow whether this is true.  This might be helpful in my case since I don't do anything but phone and texting and very little texting.


    Some guy at the mall today, either AT&T and or Apple said that these charges are because of the new smart phones!  It's all new phones, Apple, smart phones, etc. because they access the internet constantly.  If you have a Facebook app or the like, I understand it is even worse.  I found a non-app program for stocks on the iPhone 4, this I am assuming is 'on' as the default.  For my personal use, I am serious considering if somebody can reactive my old Nokia dumb phone, at least it knows not to access the internet unless specifically told!  Of course I could monthly just shut the internet off on my phone every month and see what that does.  They have said they can't tell me what data is being sent becaue of privacy restrictions.  However, Apple has to know what data is being sent if it is the phone sending it without your authorization.  'I' have not told the phone to send this information anywhere, as I don't even know where it is sending it or what exactly it is sending.  Personally, I think I should have that option to pick and choose, when it goes to check my email if I want it too, etc.

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    nancy_j wrote:


    Okay, but why did they start on 11/30?  We have had the same phones and same service for years.  We have had no Internet connect charges from 11/11 to 11/29. 

    They didn't start on 11/30. It has worked this way for 5+ years. However, AT&T had a glitch in its billing system that wiped out all usage data for most of November. They haven't said anything about it, but I had hundreds of entries that suddenly disappeared from the usage report online.

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    Aha! So it wasn't just me that happened to! All my Nov data records have gone.


    Recording started again Dec 1.

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    I just called AT&T about it. The level 1 tech couldn't help, as a complaint about low data usage isn't in her script (she wanted me to say high data usage), but she has escalated it to level 2, and I am supposed to get a callback. There have been other reports in this thread of data usage disappearing from AT&T's online account management page.

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    Hey, you knot it might have been nice if they had told me this, then we could have stayed home from the ALL DAY trip to Apple.  AT&T made one appointment.  Both my Apple phones had the same issue.  Hence, Apple said AT&T should have known better and there wasn't anything they could do.  We kept the 1:20 appointment and they scheduled another for 3:50.  The fact that the InternetMEdia charges started on 11/30 at 11:35 p.m. and 11:37 p.m.  My youngest just informed me that the 'name of the charges' could have been due to us switching from a "family plan" to a "family data plan".  Another thing AT&T should have known.  I don't know if the information disappeared, but heck it is way better than thinking virus.  I just stumbled acrossed it because I wanted to check texting on a phone.  The only thing I can say is Apple made the stay extremely enjoyable for my 4-year-old granddaughter with all the iPads or whatever with games she could play.  This inturn made it more enjoyable for us, since she was not whining and throwing a fit.  Also, the store was wall to wall people, everybody was HAPPY!  This is the Christmas season nobody is happy!  The store was darn near spotless with a ton of people.  I asked the kids how did they do it, and they said, well all the employees clean up as they go by. I mentioned that that would be really cool to start doing at home!


    Whereas this is sounding like AT&T's fault entirely, their saving grace is I met a remarkable kid.  He apologized at one point for being 'too nerdy' and I said no, don't stop.  I have gotten more knowledgable information from you than anybody else I have talked to in a long time.  He explained how to get ringtones onto the Apples (I'm a Windows person), how to do a couple of other things, he even realized I was having trouble due to distractions, so he wrote it all down before I asked!  I would have been so nice though if AT&T could have just told me.


    My oldest came kind of close, she asked if it might have had anything to do with the recent hurricane around Halloween.

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    Same thing happening here.  It is only "Sending" data, not receiving data.  I have installed data monitoring apps, up the wazoo, but none of them I could find differentiate sending from receiving per app, and the monitoring application doesn't account for all the sending that is going on.  I can account for the receiving part but not sending part.  Icloud backup has been disabled.


    I've been calling AT&T monthly to get overages credits every month since July (when I first started noticing it happen)  It is a pain and I am going to start charging them for my efforts.


    It isn't my responsibility IMHO for me to pay for monitoring apps and spend all this time troubleshooting.  It is the service provider's responsibility to prove to me that I am initiating these data transfers.  They are clearly happening while the phone is on Wifi, while the phone is off, or when nothing is really going on.


    1-Dec12:55 AM804
    30-Nov7:22 PM63479
    30-Nov12:21 AM20661
    29-Nov3:15 PM414
    29-Nov1:00 AM460
    28-Nov11:07 PM7
    28-Nov5:52 PM57546
    28-Nov12:17 AM7879
    27-Nov8:17 PM1038
    27-Nov5:19 PM10290
    27-Nov1:52 PM20829
    27-Nov12:51 PM129
    26-Nov1:55 PM106
    26-Nov2:19 AM751
    25-Nov12:06 AM983
    24-Nov12:06 AM11937
    23-Nov8:06 PM1740
    23-Nov6:14 PM3442
    21-Nov12:14 AM290
    19-Nov7:12 PM306
    19-Nov6:12 PM152
    19-Nov6:03 PM8
    19-Nov4:14 PM410
    19-Nov12:14 PM3714
    19-Nov2:58 AM654
    18-Nov10:23 PM22
    18-Nov12:04 AM52
    17-Nov4:04 PM47
    16-Nov9:33 PM11012
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    Also I would like to point out, these numbers I added are only Sending data.

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    And I would like to point out, as I and dozens of others posting in this thread have pointed out innumerable times, that the AT&T billing system posts all data as "sent" regardless of whether it is sent or received.

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    Here's the chart of my data usage over the last few months. Something has gone wrong.