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  • Lawrence Finch Level 8 Level 8
    Mac OS X

    Mark, Thanks, a good summary. The only catch is that users on Verzion have some of the same problems.


    Also, "midnight" should be "midnight PS(D)T". On the east coast it is 3 AM.

  • Mark Hays Level 1 Level 1

    Dear Lawrence:


    Thanks!  I hope the summary is helpful for everyone who hasn't read through the history behind this problem.  I also wish there was a way to get this message to a senior manager at AT&T who could fix most of these issues.


    As you noted, some Verizon customers have similar problems -- e.g. if they are unaware of 'data hog' apps.  My personal smart phone is already on Verizon, and I have had no problems.  No need to log data and call for a refund, which is a relief.


    Thanks again for all of your help on this issue!


    Mark Hays

  • jycnan Level 1 Level 1



    So if I understand your correctly, you are saying that your data is down, now that you are on Verizon? I understand that there are data hog apps. Also a kid at AT&T told me that it's a smart phone, therefore it is going to send information periodically. It's what all smart phones do.


    The kids have a lot of gaming apps, but that's about it. My daughter's iPhone is usually plugged in at night, but mine is not most nights. Neither phone sends information while they are sleeping and all data is on for both phones. My daughter's phone doesn't send much data while she is working, because she doesn't generally use it at work.  However, there are a few texts during breaks and lunch, and an occasional call from daycare. My iPhone doesn't generally send any information while sleeping on my desk during the day. I did have to think about the 12:00 - 1:00 a.m. data, but that's when I go to bed, I do on occasion wake the phone up for the flashlight app, so I can see what I'm about to step on in a dark house, things like dark grey kittens, dog toys...


    All told, on the 22nd day of 28 on our billing cycle with Verizon for 3 phones, data is 6.14 MB of 2048.00 MB, versus the 400 - 500 MB of data use with AT&T for 2 phones, Samsung and one iPhone, using data (same apps), with a 1 GIG plan.


    Those gigantic sends only show up periodically now, like when one of my kids use the GPS on the phone, or pictures are being sent or received when not in the house.

  • rphunte42 Level 1 Level 1

    In the past, I have had large data charges periodically on both my phone, and my wife's phone.  This last month, july 4-Aug 3, I have had no large charges at all that can't be explained by normal usage.  Could it be that AT&T or APPLE have found, and fixed, this problem.  Given that there is little or no discussion on this lately, it would seem I am not to only person to have missed this problem lately.  I surely hope I never see it again.

  • pvgomez Level 1 Level 1

    Not really...  I'm continue seeing same consumption peaks around midnight....  I stopped calling AT&T for solution and as soon as I receive the warning that I close to my limit (200MB), usually in the 2nd week of my monthly cycle, I stop the Cell-data option.

    In a few months, as soon as my contract expires, I'll transfer my family cells numbers (3) to a different provider, an we'll use Android phones...  any suggestions about wich one to use?

  • gobluejd Level 1 Level 1

    I have complained about this a few months ago and Verizon did not offer any solution. My sons phone was using more than my company with (5) iPhone 5 users each month. All of a sudden the las month almost nothing. I think someone at apple or VWZ did something. It's almost as if his phone is not even being charge any data. And on top of it he was traveling with his grandparents in Arizona for 3 weeks last month. Our bill recycles on the 17th of each month and we got a message that we were over 50% of his data about 10 days (27th).  then he left he left on the 5th of July and it was like his phone was not getting anymore odd time data charges. They simply stopped.

  • JES42 Level 1 Level 1

    If you look back some 50 pages or so of this thread you will find entries I made covering nearly two years, in almost exactly six month intervals.  I was constantly on AT&T about it but very calm and diplomatically.  I had plenty of "ammo" to present to them.  I started shutting off the cellular data nightly, closing all open apps, and plugging the phone into the charger.  When the next "interval" arrived, there had been no problems nor has there been since.  I now just close the apps and plug in and that is it.  Do you, too, believe in "magic"??

  • Christitx Level 1 Level 1

    Lawrence, You seem to know alot about this and if you've answered this before I apologize for the redundancy. My AT&T bill drops on the 28th of the month, we have had AT&T and IPhones for a Very Long time (years) but this month I began noticing these strange data "dumps" as I call them on all 4 of my IPhones (4 & 4s no 5). AT&T is trying to say it's an IPhone thing and Apple is saying it's an AT&T thing. I'm getting very frustrated, do you have any insight? This is a copy of my latest data send/receive. If you notice they are all every hour on the hour and all 4 phones are doing the same thing at different times of the day. I can only stop it after turning off my cellular data, which I did this morning when I got to work at 7AM. I have turned all of the mail to "manual", turned off the diagnostic & usage as well as turned off all apps from running in the background and all location services, nothing seems to help. Any other suggestions? I got Onavo and now I have this annoying VPN which is draining my battery extremely fast. I don't see that it's much help either as it doesn't tell me what is using data when it just says how much each app has used for the lat 30 days, am I missing something there as well? Any help or insight you can give is very much appreciated!



    08/1210:56 AMphone Internet/MEdia Net Sent2688 KB
    08/1206:44 AMphone Internet/MEdia Net Sent6548 KB
    08/1205:44 AMphone Internet/MEdia Net Sent1826 KB
    08/1204:44 AMphone Internet/MEdia Net Sent44 KB
    08/1203:44 AMphone Internet/MEdia Net Sent58 KB
    08/1202:44 AMphone Internet/MEdia Net Sent11 KB
    08/1201:44 AMphone Internet/MEdia Net Sent5 KB
    08/1212:44 AMphone Internet/MEdia Net Sent33 KB
    08/1111:44 PMphone Internet/MEdia Net Sent25 KB
    08/1110:44 PMphone Internet/MEdia Net Sent4 KB
    08/1109:44 PMphone Internet/MEdia Net Sent56 KB
    08/1108:44 PMphone Internet/MEdia Net Sent42 KB
    08/1107:44 PMphone Internet/MEdia Net Sent12 KB
    08/1106:44 PMphone Internet/MEdia Net Sent44 KB
    08/1105:44 PMphone Internet/MEdia Net Sent5 KB
    08/1104:44 PMphone Internet/MEdia Net Sent5601 KB
    08/1103:44 PMphone Internet/MEdia Net Sent3895 KB
    08/1102:44 PMphone Internet/MEdia Net Sent239 KB
    08/1101:44 PMphone Internet/MEdia Net Sent2753 KB
    08/1112:44 PMphone Internet/MEdia Net Sent171 KB
    08/1111:44 AMphone Internet/MEdia Net Sent211 KB
    08/1110:44 AMphone Internet/MEdia Net Sent199 KB
  • jycnan Level 1 Level 1



    I can take a stab at this or add some more information to what you are saying, since I had a similiar thing happen.


    Both of my kids were at the same place one night (after I'd notice this frequency high usage entries awhile back), I was checking periodically the bill and noticed the each one got a usage charge practically every hour on the hour.  I did not, but probably because I'd turned my data off...


    Now the difference and the reason I am responding here, is that my oldest had an Apple 4S and my youngest had a SAMSUNG something or another, Galaxy...


    AT&T did not answer that question twice and the previous question (a week or so before) the girl was actually rude, which is something I'd never experienced with AT&T.  It was always whatever you want.  Or, we'll just credit you the amount 'this time'. The last time being, I called  them to say I didn't realize that there was $1.45 due on my bill, since we had changed the plan three times in one month (data changes) and the $1.45 might be a day or two late (the check was really in the mail).  The response was, 'well ma'am, if it's late we will be charging you a late feet and finance charges!'  I was like excuse me? Things went downhill from there.


    Since AT&T did not care to tell me why the kids were being charged hourly, I eventually cancelled my contract with them, incurred the charges, and switched to Verizon.


    But, I seriously doubt that it is an Apple thing, when it was happening on both my oldest's Apple 4S and my youngest's Samsung.

  • pvgomez Level 1 Level 1

    It's mainly an AT&T issue.  My daughter's iPhone-4 stopped working on Wed 6pm, she usually had 0 consumption of cellular data as she decided to stop using cellular data several months ago because of unexplained big consumption. Well the phone couldn't be turned on, we fodn how to force a restore but it didn't work, went to the apple store on Saturday 9:40am, they found the iPhone as defective, we had to buy a new one and the apple genius was isntallign IOS until 11am, connected to a Macbook Pro.  As soon as we left the Apple store we received a text message from AT&T saying that the phone was close to use the 200MB cellular data, and 1 minutes later that it was over... but the phone was with cellulat data off since the IOS was installed!  Then, at home, I reviewed the data consumption in the AT&T webste...  it showed 209MB used, clicking for details it showed like 90MB used that morning (while IOS was beign installed from the MacBook, and a couple of 30MB charges the 2 days before, while the phone was turned off not able to work at all....  I asked for an explanation to why the consumption while the phone was off, and the answer was that my plan was very small, just 200MB....  then to my question why the website shows 209MB as total, but 113MB when we asked for details, the answer was that the values can't be taken as totally correct...  so, I stopped asking questions, and I'll cancel my family plan (4 iPhones) by the end of this cycle... T-Mobile offers A LOT better prices and data options/management that AT&T, and I can use my current AT&T iPhones in T-Mobile (gettign the unlock from AT&T, wich means I will have to pay the penalty, but I'll be happy to do it if it means not to call AT&T anymore).  And if I don't get the unlocks?  well, Android now looks like a good option for me and my family, as Apple has not being able to deal with AT&T and these kind of issues.

  • INNRCHLD Level 1 Level 1 -data-leakage/


    This issue is deplorable. Please take a moment and read the above link. I found this after 3 hours on the phone with AT&T and 3 hours with Apple. Everyone was quite polite and civilized but I know if I can find this in a google search these people can as well. If neither AT&T or Apple will listen or make a change it is time to call for a class action.

  • Lawrence Finch Level 8 Level 8
    Mac OS X

    Wow, what a poorly researched article; Forbes should be ashamed!


    The first post in this thread was in June, 2010. Over TWO YEARS before iOS 6 was released!


    How can anyone say it is an iOS 6 problem?

  • Sodaboy1978 Level 3 Level 3

    Put the phone in recovery mode. Restore set it up as a new phone. and don't restore from any back up and watch to see if you get data usage. Probably an app thats using location services and the app is sending info about the phone.

  • kikzz Level 1 Level 1

    in my case it actually was an app, not uploading alot but downloading alot. The app was from which did have settings but didn't notice. My service provider accepted my complaint and refunded before i realized it was, which is a fine service, they gave you extra 5gb if you got the app so i did, now it's deleted but still have the extra 5gb... good luck!

  • ddsuresh Level 1 Level 1

    I checked my data usage today on AT&T site:


    In the Webview this is what I see:

    07/20/2013 09:27AM 644 KB

    07/21/2013 09:27AM 0 KB

    07/22/2013 09:27AM 0 KB

    07/23/2013 09:29AM 0 KB

    07/24/2013 09:03AM 605 KB


    Totals for this billing period: 49,928 KBs

    When I add up my 31 days of usage for this period, it doesn't add upto 49.9MB which I see in my bill


    Same report I downloaded into Excel format. Below data is what I see, which does add upto 49.9MB. On the days where I see 0KB in the Web report, I am seeing a huge transfer (relatively large compared to other dates) like 1MB, 20MB, 9.6MB:

    7/20/1309:27PMphoneData Transfer
    644 KB
    7/21/1309:27PMphoneData Transfer
    1,066 KB
    7/22/1309:27PMphoneData Transfer
    20,099 KB
    7/23/1309:29PMphoneData Transfer
    9,670 KB
    7/24/1309:03PMphoneData Transfer
    605 KB


    Even though I am within my limits for the billing cycle, someone needs to explain this. I have written to AT&T and expecting an explanation. Anyone else seeing this behavior?