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    It was after my May 2013 current update to 6.1.3 and still happening on 6.1.4 that AT&T and I tracked back the beginning of the problem. Thus the initial 3 hour conversation with AT&T. This after a conversation in June, July and now August. The final super gave me Apple's # and felt exactly the same and verbalized this very carefully. There are far more articles online than Forbes. Check out the Huffington Post and CNN Money as well. Verizon's people received a patch. Why not AT&T's?


    I was immediately transferred to an Apple tech super ( 2nd 3 hr conversation ) after filling the first one in on what I was finding online. He tried to send me down all the silly paths I'd traveled, close apps, badges, blah, blah. The tech super and I cleared the phone, left my personal data off for a day, he was very polite as I explained all I had researched online in an equally polite manner. His response to this was sometimes YOUR WI-FI CAN AFFECT HOW YOUR UPDATE INSTALLS - I don't think so or if so wouldn't that be an issue. Until this is resolved I feel the need to watch that ever app, banner, badge, etc.. is closed and more. My 4th iphone is now a grenade and I don't wish to be looking at another refunded chat with my carrier who refunded me $150 in June plus a caveat blue tooth head set, another $25 in July and since I exercised such diligence in trying to get to the bottom of this issue I was granted the unheard of 3rd time refund and Apple tech support will send me to an engineer on the next call in.

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    If you take a look there are a few more poorly researched articles on CNN Money and the Huffington Post. Very dissapointing.

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    Why are you double posting?

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    My error, and apology, thus the edit. I've peacefully enjoyed my 4 iphones and my AT&T carrier for years. This has been months of grief and to find the info all over the internet in addition to the subtle agreements of the AT&T and Apple people left me quite dissapointed. It's understandable to make a mistake but to not own it and torment the customer with it, especially in this miserable economy is pretty sad.

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    Yes, it was after JUNE 5, 2010 that the first reports of this problem appeared. That was version 3.1.3. Which means that it isn't a problem with 6.1.anything; it is a problem that has been around forever. If you or Apple assume that it is a new problem that will make it much harder to find the solution.


    June 2010 is a significant time, because that was the time that AT&T stopped offering unlimited data. So the problem most likely is much older, but no one noticed because they had unlimited data, and thus had no incentive to check their usage. In other words, it is likely that all iPhones have the potential for this problem going back 6 years. And it isn't just AT&T; if you scan through the thread and read other threads you will see complaints from around the world.


    BTW, it's likely that the story was only written once; the other sources just copied the primary source.

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    Dear Larry:


    You are right again -- thanks for your continuing followup on this thread.  I have not added any info in a while, because we finally switched our son from the iPhone and ATT to a $50 Best Buy smart-phone knock off, linked to Verizon. 


    The results:


    > No more mysterious data charges.

    > No massive ATT bills.

    > No need to purchase third-party apps to monitor iPhone data usage.

    > No more bills, disputes and tedious calls with ATT and Apple tech support.


    On the plus side, freedom from this ongoing hassle.  Our son can text, call and email to his heart's content, with no questions and lectures from Mom and Dad.  No "cell phone stress".  No checks to write for unexpected bills.




    I sincerely hope that AT&T and Apple customer service reps and senior management read this post.  The continuing debacle with "unknown data usage" is driving your customers away.  I repeat:  YOU ARE DRIVING YOUR CUSTOMERS AWAY!  You have the data, you know the source of this problem, and you can fix it. 



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    I can only state my issue as well as many others on these forums never saw a spike until after 6.0. Googling "Spike in Data Usage after 6.1.3 helped me find these forums as well as a miriad of articles. During my 3 hour AT&T conversation we looked years back at my historical, consistent 32mb monthly that changed to the data hunger game right after the 6.1.3 change in May. I've never had or will have unlimited data. I bought my first iphone when AT&T offered a $15.00 data plan as I only wanted the convenience of an extension of my bevy of Apple products apps such as the exciting notes (which is integral to the phone) so I could use my synced grocery list on the WiFi in my local grocery. Since I'm physically disabled & rarely go out I'm scarcely off WiFi, don't play games, rather obvious at a constant 32mb monthly! I brought this info back to the forums when I saw people enduring the same misery I had endured and hoped to spare them. I want my Iphone and I want my AT&T plan that nearly all of my family uses. I'm sure they'd love me to run off to another phone / carrier right now so one can continue to drive the masses to buy larger data plans, cap their plans and the other can show you how to work like the dickens to deal with their " feature " .. the one they patched after 6.0 for Verizon. and as this is growing very old.


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    OK so I finally contacted AT&T via e-mail and got about 4 or 5 replies about how I could "fix" the issue by turning off such and such and downloading this app to track usage and so on. Finally after mentioning getting the FCC involved to see if they could help us get an answer I suddenly started to get responses more to the tune of "oh we found an issue with you and another customer so we have sent these to our technical group and they are working on the issue and we hope to have an answer for you soon". Well that was two weeks ago, I e-mailed them back again and said basically what's up with this issue, have you found anything? They e-mailed back saying that "there is a big conference call scheduled and that they hope to know something soon". That was last week. It sounds like to me from reading these last few posts this week and now suddenly getting the cold shoulder from AT&T once again that it might be time to figure out how to take action. It seems like maybe they know what is causing it, or could at least get there really fast if they would just do some research. We barely missed going over our data plan last month and that was only because I was diligent in making sure that I was switching to WiFi every time I stepped into the office or home, I don't want to have to do that anymore, it's a pain. I am sending complaints to the FCC today regarding this issue with AT&T and Apple (even though I don't think it's an Apple issue since my issue just started in June and this is my 5th IPhone). Maybe a little help from them will get this thing moving along in the right direction. Otherwise I suggest we find out how to fill a class action against AT&T and see if that "helps" them figure out the problem.

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    Can I say once again, in agreement with your statement that you don't think it's an iPhone thing, and many posts back I mentioned that we were getting these charges with AT&T.  My oldest has an iPhone, my youngest (23) had a Samsung and I have an iPhone.  Besides big charges periodically they were out TOGETHER one night and were getting HOURLY charges, both phones.  So, I texted my youngest and asked her what she and her sister were doing with their phones, sending texts or what...  She said absolutely nothing.  I was the second text she had and MOM IT'S ON AN UNLIMITED PLAN!  Oh yeah!  This happened periodically, where they both when out of this house would get HOURLY charges with TWO DIFFERENT phones.


    My oldest daughter's charges started to diminish a bit and the times of the big charges started to change a bit (when not incurring the hourly thing), so I asked her what she was doing SPECIFICALLY at night.  She said the battery was so lame that she was plugging it in when she went to bed!


    Then I got into a small tiff with AT&T over $1.43 charge I didn't pay. Called them, told them it might be a day or two late but the check was in the mail, but due to the changes in the plan that month I did realize miscalculation in the bill.  Old AT&T woudl have said, NO PROBLEM, gees, you've been a customer for 10+ years, you're ONLY $1.43 short, you've never been late and with all the changes you made we'll REFUND it!  The new AT&T said, well if it's LATE WE WILL JUST HAVE TO CHARGE YOU A FINANCE FEE!  So, I went online, paid it in excess through their website and went to VERIZON!


    We have a 3 gig plan or something or another with them and since December.  I don't think we have ever stepped over 1% of the data plan!  Okay, it's a bit excessive it seems. I piggybacked a router upstairs since the kids were complaining way back when that they had trouble staying connected to the WiFi which is located in my basement office.  This took care of the WiFi problems throughout the house.


    But, long story short and sorry I went off, I had big data charges on an iPhone and a SAMSUNG Galaxy something or another.  The only reason it didn't happen on my iPhone was I turned the flipping cellular off.  I only use my phone for texting and calls, so it wasn't a problem for me.  But, I have never considered this an Apple thing, due to it happening on my youngest's Samsung.

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    I resolved my AT&T phantom data usage by throwing my Microcell away. That device, and certain towers when travelling, were over-reporting data usage massively (For every 1MB of data used according to the iPhone's Cellular Data Usage stats, AT&T saw 100MB)



    At some point, they will have to be held accountable. Gas pumps are verified for accuracy, and each house has an electric meter, gas meter and water meter. Measured billing on each of those is verifiable. But cellular data use? We have to take the carrier's word for it, and if the iPhone says otherwise, AT&T's numbers are still the ones used for billing.



    It's a bit alarming. If you're billing on use, your measurement mechanisms should be independently verifiable and accurate. In most cases, the numbers are accurate - people really do have misbehaving email/calendar sync issues, stuck messages in the outbox, have left their phone streaming music and let it fall to Cellular Data etc.



    But after my own experience, my confidence in AT&T to accurately measure true data usage "no matter what" is pretty low.



    Having said that, before we pile onto AT&T, can I suggest checking Settings - General - Usage - Cellular Usage numbers on the iPhone.


    In my experience, If they come close to agreeing with AT&T, the phone really is using that data and I'd suggest doing some troubleshooting on the device. I mentioned the most common causes above.

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    After reaching a peak level of frustration trying to control the overages, appeaing to my kids to turn off cell data in the home (yeah, right), and tossing my Microcell, I finally decided it wasn't worth it and switched to the Family Share 10GB plan. I even gave up my grandfathered unlimited plan - I just couldn't take it any more. 


    With 5 phones, the economics are about the same, but it's predictable and I no longer have to watch the data usage and be a nag to my family - that's worth something.


    But somehow, I feel I've done exactly what AT&T wanted me to do and I feel used.  Can someone point me to the next community for "Recovering AT&T Overage Charge Syndrome"?

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    So Apple just moderated and removed a post I made inviting people to an online petition I created and encouraged people to sign.  I was trying to get AT&T and Apple to notice how many people would be willing to sign a petition, and invited those who have been following this thread to post there.


    Apple's response:  "We understand the desire to share experiences in your topic, "Re: Unknown data usage early morning ," but because these posts are not allowed on our forums, we have removed it.  These forums are intended for technical questions that can be answered by the community. "


    To the Apple moderators who are monitoring this community and forum, since you removed my post, it's clear you are moderating this forum.   Thank you.    Perhaps you could also take the time to post a response here? Your users are complaining about a very real issue concerning Apple devices on one of your partner's networks.  We feel strongly we're being treated unfairly, and the 136 pages of comments detail it clearly.


    AND the responses over these 136 pages have been very technical in nature.  There have been many attempts to document symptoms, possible solutions, etc... but to my knowledge, there is not a consistent answer that anyone in the user community has been able to deduce from their own experiments or by talking to AT&T or Apple.


    We are seeking answers here.  From within the community for sure, but also from Apple and / or AT&T.   And from reading the posts here over 136 pages, attempts to go through normal channels at AT&T have not yield results.


    The Apple user community needs help.  Again, if you moderators are reading this, can you please give us all a hand?


    Thank you in advance.

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    The moderators are just that, not engineers or tech specialists. Their only job is to enforce the rules. they do a good job, as evidenced by the fact that you don't see the thousands of spam posts that are made daily (not that your was; it just violated the rule against polls). Apple, like most large companies, does not permit its employees to make statements that have not been reviewed by engineering, marketing and legal divisions. You will not get an answer from Apple here.


    There are plenty of forums on the Internet where your post (which I saw) would be acceptable; I suggest you use one or more of them.

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    Lawrence Finch wrote:



    There are plenty of forums on the Internet where your post (which I saw) would be acceptable; I suggest you use one or more of them.





    Lawrence, are you allowed to provide the links to those additional acceptable forums where we would be welcome? I for one would appreciate the time saver.

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    I believe Lawrence is absolutely correct in that we are indeed on the wrong forum and Apple has now demonstrated that. If you've found another forum that really address's our needs I would genuinely appreciate it.


    While I'm here, for everyone, another link to a blog.


    This gentleman works in and is proficient in IT and has done a nice, neat job of documenting his discoveries including references to his Apple assigned case numbers in the event Apple had the desire to review his posts. He also welcomes posts from anyone on the topic. His findings are very technical in nature but rather than paste in the entire thing it's easier to provide the the link.