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Is an app required to transfer files from a PC to the ipad? This is my first Apple product and I am clearly a newbie. I was hoping to tranfer files without having to use an Internet connection. Is that possible. Thanks in advance.

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    Yes you will need Apps to do this.

    If you purchase Apps that allow file transfer via iTunes (Like Pages, Numbers, Keynote, Documents2Go, etc), then you can transfer files when you connect the iPad to the computer.
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    well the thing is what kind of files are planning to transfer from your pc to ipad?

    just a quick info syncing music, video from you PC to your iPad only needs iTunes no internet connection required but there are some apps that you can purchase/download from the iTunes Store that will allow you to do a virtual transfer by using this apps you will need internet connection...

    not all files from pc will work on ipad since ipad does not recognize any Windows OS files but like pics, music, documents you can, with document its either you need to have Pages, Numbers and Keynote which is the word processing application in MAC/Apple so meaning all your Word, Excel, Powerpoint files can be opened using this application from Apple, with video you can transfer video from your pc to you ipad but you must remember that not all video file types will work like AVI, WMV etc...check ipad specs for video specification (this means that you will need to convert your video files for you to be able to play it on your ipad).

    hope this helps answer some of your questions....

    enjoy your iPad....

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    You don't need iWork (Pages, Numbers, Keynote) to work with MS Office documents.
    There are other Apps available like Documents2Go which allow you to edit / create MS Office documents and transfer them to and from the iPad. It is a cheaper option as well.
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    I am looking to transfer pdf files. I have a lot of reading to do and downloaded the iannotate app to make notes and highlight the pdf files. Thanks for the response.
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    Hi ,


    Can you suggest apps for transferring the following files from Windows 7 PC (with itunes) to an iPad2?


    • pdf documents
    • ePub
    • MP3 & MP4


    Any help will be deeply appreciated.



    Aniket for Virtual Instrumentation

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    If you tap and hold on any icon they should all start to jiggle. Tap the x that appears on the icon and the app and all it's files will be deleted from the iPad. Tap the Home button to exit this mode.

    In iOS 5 you also have the option of going to Settings > General > Usage and managing apps and their files from the Storage list. Tap on an app for detailed information and a delete option. If it has storage for user files you will have the option of deleting all files, separate from the app.

    To delete specific files from an app you have to open that app and use whatever options it has.


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    There are 3 ways to transfer files (including Microsoft Office, PDF, Images) from your PC or Mac to iPad each with their own advantages and disadvantages.


    I - Use iTunes and connect your computer with your iPad or iPhone - Once itunes goes through its routine you can then copy the files but the process is complicated and slow


    II - Use one of the Clouds as an intermediate point. You can select any of the popular clouds like iCloud, Dropbox or Google Drive. However, you have to first put the file in one of these clouds from your computer and then use their app on iPad or iPhone and get access to the file. Some clouds work better than others like iCloud works better on media files while Dropbox does good with most files and Google Drive does better with Office and Google Docs files.


    III - Use one of the many apps available in iTunes. Each of them need an agent on the computer and an app on iPhone or iPad. These apps belong in various categories but generally two types

    a) RDP or Remote access type apps where the app runs on your computer but these apps are generally slow and bit restrictive - examples include GotoMyPC, Logmein and others

    b) There are other newer type apps and we have experience with one like mobile echo and documents.Me.

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    shareit is also there to transfer files wireles