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I want to export my address book to a file so I can import it into an Outlook contacts. I can export the vCard but I can only export one file at a time. If I select to export the 'All Contacts' under Groups it still only does one vCard at a time. How do I export all of my vCards easily to a file and then import to Outlook?


MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.6.3)
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    Click once on "All Contacts", and then once on any of the names showing. Click on the Edit Menu and choose "select all" and then go to File Menu and select Export -> Export VCard. I just tried it and it resulted in one file containing all my contacts.
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    regrettably when I did this, I was only able to transfer one vCard - even though it selected vCard(S). I was only able to import the first vCard in the address book. Hopefully there is a way to transfer these as a group rather than one at a time
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    It's not Address Book. It is Outlook. Outlook does not support the v.3 spec. Therefore, it only reads the first card and has no idea that there might be more.
    If you open the exported vCard file with a text editor, you will see all the cards.
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    Use Automator to export individual vCards from your Address Book. Do this:

    Automator vCard Instructions: 1. Open Address Book. 2. Select entries you would like to export as individual vCards. 3. Open Automator. 4. Select Custom Workflow. 5. Add the following workflows in this order: Get Selected Address Book Items, Export VCards. 6. Change the setting in the Export VCards flow item to "Individual VCards". 7. Select a folder to export the VCard files. 8. Click Run.
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    I figured is was an outlook issue.... anyone have a step-by-step to accomplish? Thank you for the help
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    whoops, didn't see the prior post
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    awesome!! worked fast and flawlessly. i always wondered what the Automator was for. this is the first time i've used the app. thanks for the directions