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I often use picture sites that have photos available for download in various resolutions. With iPad I can NOT seem to be able to view the high resolution pictures and finger zoom on them. The iPad seems to download the full picture file but then downgrade it to a lower resolution. This is similar to iPhone except that for iPad I would have expected the ability to view higher resolution pictures because of the larger screen. Is there a way to change a setting on iPad so it does not do this? This problem does not exist for iMac or matchbooks. I wonder if it is because the iPad is based on iPhone.


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    I did a test here... Downloaded a 5772x3652 15MB image and the iPad showed/down graded it as 3641x2303 8MB image to display it on the iPad. I emailed the photo from the iPad to my desktop computer and it's the original size photo.

    I used the app photo pad to get the info for the photo.... It free in the app store

    So, I would take it the iPad down sizes photos so it can display them. Photo Pad indicated it had to reduce the image because of memory issues.....
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    Interesting. As you may have picked up from various threads here in the UK some networks may be using image compression to manage bandwith, however, this is the first time that I've seen that the iPad could also be downsizing images. It'll be interesting to understand a bit more on this to try and understand what is happening both at the network level and the device level.
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    Some IPs compress images on a web page. AOL does it all the time.
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    I am wondering if it is a iPhone/iPad Safari issue and a limitation of that mobile version of the browser, since I think it is the web browser that is responsible for showing the images in this case. When I use an app that has stored maps, such as iNav X, this downgrading is not a problem and many levels of zoom are possible, but the showing of the images for that is done by the app and not Safari.

    I think it is a pain. I want to see the photo images in their full resolution.
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    These images are not downgraded/compressed on the web site or they would be damaged when viewed by macbooks and imacs too. The problem appears to be specific to the iPhone (probably mobile Safari) software. I can understand its downgrading use for iPhone, but I would have expected this not to happen for iPad.

    It will be interesting to see if this issue is fixed in iPhone 4.0. I will check. The hope is that iPad will be allowed to show larger sized photos than iPhone with iPhone 4.0.
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    It's a ram issue, the iPad doesn't have enough ram to display the image.
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    Hmmm, I don't think so because I can show many many more levels of zoom for images displayed with apps, such as navigation maps in Nav X, or taken to the extreme, Microsofts's iPhone app Seadragon for satalite images and pictures of people. Also, just think about all the levels of zoom and how well iPad shows Google maps. I agree it is a memory management problem, though.