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The space bar on my Mac's keyboard recently started sticking and I don't know what to do. What I mean by sticking is that when I click it, there is a bit more resistance, and it takes a longer time to bounce back to its original position, and the rebound is a lot more slow. It also doesn't click like space bars are supposed to.
I don't think the stickiness is due to food or liquids getting stuck under the bar because last night, it was sticky, and then it unstuck and was extra clicky, but I woke up this morning and it stuck again.
I'm not sure if I should try to take the space bar off and replace it with a new one, because I think I could do that, or if I should just wait it out until the bar unsticks again.
Any suggestions as to why the bar won't unstick?

Macbook Pro, Mac OS X (10.6.3), I've only had this Macbook for about 3 months.
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    Take it somewhere to have the keyboard replaced. If you succeed in taking any of the keys off, you'll never get them back on again, and you'll have ruined any chance you may have had of getting it repaired under warranty.

    If the repair shop finds some kind of food/liquid under there, they can still replace it, just not for free, but odds are there's a defect with the key.
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    "Any suggestions as to why the bar won't unstick?"

    Hardware problem

    Use a can of compressed air or a vacuum hose to release whatever it is causing the bar to stick.
    If you have AppleCare or ProCare, let them deal with it especially if it turns out to be a hardware problem. AppleCare does not cover accidental damages. However, ProCare will clean weither the damage is your fault or not.

    For do it yourself cleaning check out the following:


    Search YouTube for Macbook Pro “How To” tutorials.