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Dudensing Level 1 (0 points)
I am looking to buy an iPad. I am planning to primarily use the calendar functionality. When I went to check out the app I could not find the "To Do List" functionality that I currently use in iCal.

Am I missing something? Will this feature be available? Is their another app that will do the same thing?

Also, does anyone know if the drag and drop of iCal will eventually be part of iPad calendar?

iMac, Macbook Pro
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    Im not sure if there is a To Do feature built into the calender but there is very good app for it which i will find for you if you want to see it. I think its around six dollars but not sure.
  • a1000 Level 2 (215 points)
    I'm afraid it's one of the gaps in functionality in the calendar in both the iPhone and the iPad. There are, however, quite a few good apps that can be had for a small amount.
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    I use the App "ToDo" for iPad. It is a separate todo-app I use besides the built-in calendar and it syncs wirelessly with the iCal-todo-list on my mac. Works great
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    That's the one that I've got on my iPhone and I've just purchased for my iPad. Discounted at the moment as an introductory offer.
  • a1000 Level 2 (215 points)
    And I've just installed the BETA Appigo Sync on my desktop which allows you to sync between the iPhone, iPad and Outlook on the desktop which is just what I've been looking for. If you want a cloud based sync then Toodledo is also supported I believe.

    Hope this helps.
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    Hi I use outliner for the ipad and Iphone and it also has a web app. Cost $5 for ipad and got the iphone app for free!
    It is very flexible ...have a look.
  • Jeff Seaver Level 1 (5 points)
    I continue to be amazed at Apple's inability to merge a sync'able to-do list into their Personal Information Management suite. A to-do list has been part of Outlook, Palm, Blackberry and you name it - some of these since the 1990's!

    That said, I've had good success with the iPhone app "BusyToDo" (from BusyMac, the same folks who make BusySync and BusyCal.

    In fact, Apple's To Do's are frequently messed up by the faulty MobileMe sync'ing of To-Do events when iCal and Apple's Mail program combine forces (who thought up having To-Do's buried in amongst email inboxes?) - corrupted and disappearing entries, due dates sync'ing backwards, etc - once I enabled BusyToDo, as long as I make my changes to the list from within that, it continues to sync seamelessly.
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    It's crazy, but the people we thought were so smart (apple) can't seem to get a to do list on their own calendar app for iPad or iPhone.  I have both and this seemingly simple thing is not available.  Of course, you can pay someone else $5 or $20 and get it to work.  Half the reason I bought an iPad was to replace my Franklin Planner of 20 years, but I have to deal with multiple apps to get what I want and it's still not really how I want it to be.  Come on Apple, what can be so hard about this???

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    I Too, gave up my franklin planner thinking I could do it with just my iPad. I cannot believe that with all of Apples intuitive apps and 18 months after the last comment, they still don't get it! I'm ready to dig out the paper planner and toss the iPad!

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    I, too have given up my Franklin to use the IPAD, however, have missed a couple of things because of no "todo" list.  I contacted Franklin Covey to see if they have an App but they don't.  Has anyone come up with something yet?????

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    Here is a simple workaround:  Use the"alarm clock" on your reminder lists.  Tap the alarm clock, to give you a scheduled activity list which you can prioritize by exclamation points:  3 for A, 2 for B, 1 for C. or how you wish to prioritize them.  You can schedule a time and date as well, so you will receive a reminder at the appointed time.  It is as close as you will get to a Franklin planner using Apple's calendar, reminder list, and contacts.


    An alternative is the app Opus Domini.  It is just like the Franklin planner in a digital format, works on my Ipad and phone.  There is a free version and a paid version. My only issue is the screen is really cramped on the iphone version.