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Hello All,

Anyone know if it is possible to extend a Fios router wirelessly? My friend has his Fios router on the second floor next to his computer. And he wants to setup his Airport Extreme wirelessly on the first floor for his Blu-Ray player and Wii. Is it possible for the Fios router to distribute IPs to the AE wirelessly?

I tried setting the AE up in the Airport Utility:airport settings by extending a network. But it says that the Fios network does not allow this. Maybe this isn't possible? I don't see any settings in the Fios router web app to allow the network to extend.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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  • Tesserax Level 8 Level 8 (49,905 points)
    Unfortunately, most non-AirPort routers are not compatible with Apple's implementation of Wireless Distribution System (WDS)...so it very unlikely that your Fios router can be extended wirelessly with the AirPort Extreme Base Station (AEBS).
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    OK, so the extend wireless network option is part of the WDS, I thought WDS was a separate option?

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    The AirPorts use WDS when you want to extend one base station with another wirelessly. There are actually two types of WDS implemented depending on the AirPort version (802.11g vs. 802.11n). The older "static" WDS actually have settings within the AirPort Utility labeled as such. The newer "dynamic" WDS, used only on the 802.11n models, use the "Allow this network to be extended" and "Extend a wireless network" options instead. Which, of course, could lead to a lot of confusion in itself.
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    So he basically needs to buy another AE and connect it via ethernet to the Fios router to get this to work? Then the first floor AE can extend the network wirelessly, correct?

    Thank you!
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    He would basically have the following choices: 1) The one you suggested to get another AirPort, 2) Use an 802.11n AirPort Express Base Station (AX) instead of the AirPort Extreme; configure the AX as a ProxySTA (wireless Ethernet bridge), and then, connect the Blu-ray player to the AX by Ethernet, or 3) Use Powerline adapters at each of the router locations to take advantage of the home's electrical circuit to create a pseudo Ethernet network between them.
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    I am unfamiliar with #3, could you explain a little more?
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    I'll offer a bit of info here until Tesserax replies.

    Powerline adapters are a great solution when you can't run an ethernet cable and wireless is not reliable due to distance, obstructions, interference issues, etc.

    Plug one adapter into an AC socket near your main router and connect an ethernet cable from your router to the adapter. Plug another adapter into an AC socket at the location where you need a signal and connect a short ethernet cable from the adapter to your computer. That's it. The AC wiring in your home conducts the ethernet signal over the AC power lines in your home.

    Google +ethernet powerline adapters+ for more info. Any major electronics/computer store will have a selection to choose from.

    For many users...a better solution than wireless, (my opinion).
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    I would second Bob's comments.
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    Wow...crazy...I didn't even know you could do that! Thank you very much for the input Tesserax and Bob!!!