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Can anyone please advise I used quickvoice and did 2 diff voice recordings when I sync the ipad its nowhere to be found on itunes library I cannot even find it in itunes under the ipad itself either but when I restart the ipad and go into QuickVoice application I see on the listing 2 recordings and the only options I see there is to e-mail them but when I try to do it it tells me its greater than 5mb e-mail limit so how does one get say a 30min meeting on voice transferred???????
under more info on itunes apps it says it can record meetings or am I wasting my time with this application and can anyone recommend one that actually works by the way am not wanting voice to text for emails.
thanking you all in advance for any help gratefully received

generic, Windows XP Pro, win7,ipad,ipod classic
  • red555 Level 4 (2,550 points)
    I do not have that app, but:
    In the spec for quickvoice, it says it'll sync with the computer.

    In the app tab in itunes after the sync, look at the bottom of that tab-page. If quickvoice is there, you can click on it and to the right, there should be the two files. You should be able to drag and drop them to the computer's desktop. Or save....
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    Hi many thanks for responding no it didnt work yet it shows on my ipad but not when synced
  • red555 Level 4 (2,550 points)
    You can contact the vendor for support at:
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    hi red thanks for that have done that already just awaiting a reply from them also apple tech have advised me that they dont support this product the only ones they support are VoiceRecorder and VoiceMemo the first one looks like its an e-mail export and memo the review says quote

    Good app just be aware you have to pay again to export the file.
    surely when you sync you don't have to pay to transfer your recording, unsure what it means

  •  Dr. Apple  Level 1 (0 points)
    Good afternoon, all!

    *Add me to the growing list* of frustrated QuickVoice users who have the same problem:*

    *Audio files recorded ON the iPad which are over 5 MB are, for now, stuck on the iPad. They are not able to be e-mailed; and they are not able to be synced to the QuickVoice Recordings folder (in Documents) on your Mac.*

    When I previously recorded using QuickVoice on my iPhone, however, there is a perfect sync. That's when I figured...great let me try it with my brand new iPad. Doh! Now I am searching for a solution here! I also emailed nFinity using the feedback window on their webpage (which has a 2003 copyright!!), I don't expect too much help from them. I also bought QV Pro, but the files are in separate iPad apps. Doh! Doh! Doh!

    * I mentioned the growing list: See the Most recent Customer Reviews in the AppStore page for QuickVoice® Recorder.

    So, I'll monitor this thread for an answer or glimmer of hope.

    BTW anyone know of a program like senuti that can be used on the iPad??

    Thanks for any assistance.

    - J
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    Good evening, fellow iPad fanatics!!

    And it is a good evening ... as I have a SOLUTION. And a solution that the author of QuickVoice® Recorder, nFinity, Inc., created ... but for some reason didn't post this free app on its own web page!!

    Not here ...

    but HERE:

    Simple to use, but FIRST Sync your iPad to your computer.
    Then, run the QuickVoice Sync app and IMPORT.

    Your QuickVoice recordings will then be synced into the folder called "QuickVoice iPhone Recordings" in Documents.

    It's pretty great and awesome and magical!
    Enjoy your iPad!!

    - J

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    Good news. They should update their apps page or roll that other app into the main one.
  • knight1953 Level 1 (0 points)
    Hi Dr Apple I am grateful for the advice however yes the link takes me to the page that says download quickvoice sync but when you click on the button to download it it takes you to another page saying click here to d/l when that is done it takes you back to square one and so the process is repeated over and over with no download any further advice I even registered with software informer thinking that might be the problem but alas no joy in d/l the app
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    Yo, knight1953! You are absolutely correct, that page just results in a loop...sort of like an infinity-type of problem. hehe that's thir name: nFinity Semi-good product, but HORRIBLE customer support (read: none! Never got any reply to my email for help with the product).

    But, try this, "send an email to: to obtain the stand alone QuickVoice sync app (it's free)." I've seen this posted on various software reviews on the intenet, but will try it and I urge you to do so also! Hope you're successful!!

    - J
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    *** SOLUTION ***
    This is the auto-reply I received in mere seconds by sending an email to:

    Remember, when you receive and run the app, you MUST SYNC your iPad (it still says iPhone) before running and using the IMPORT button!!
    RE: QuickVoice Recorder Sync Utility


    To download the QuickVoice Sync utility click on one of the following platform specific download links:

    For Mac Users >

    For Windows >

    nFinity Customer Service

    Good luck! and Enjoy your iPad

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    Thanks for that one.
    Anyone ever figure out how to send an e-mail
    from quickvoice without have the audio file attached.
    Seems pretty neat other than that.
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    Hi Dr I got the same reply within seconds of sending e-mail to them I downloaded both mac and windows versions as was unsure of which one to use but anyways opted for the win version tried to do what it told me to do had the folder in my documents and even sync the ipad a few times but the transfer nope didn't want to go so am gonna give up on this one and go back to voice memos the one I bought last week it can transfer to a folder on my computer but the only problem I have is in itunes, myipad, file sharing when you click on the app there it shows the voice recordings on the right now after you delete the recordings on your ipad and sync they still show under voice memos documents and as far as I can see there is no way of deleting these even after sync and you have deleted from your computer I have e-mailed the author 3 times and no reply so just means I don't buy any more of their products don't get me wrong the app works well but its the way they go about it you pay for the app then you pay again a one off fee so you can transfer to your computer but they don't tell you till after you have initially paid for the app and try it very sneeky
  • MoralsMatter Level 1 (5 points)
    Please read

    All of us QuickVoice users need your help!
  • MoralsMatter Level 1 (5 points)
    To knight1953
    There is ANOTHER application you get for your PC or Mac to import your QuickVoice iPhone recordings. I bought QuickVoice for Windows in 2008 for about $25-$30, but now I have seen on iTunes when you purchase QuickVoicePro for $2.99 (a few days ago) and register your app you get the other application for free by sending an email to [] and requesting the Windows or Mac version FOR your PC or Mac. I think you will find this helpful - Please read

    All of us QuickVoice users need your help!
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