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My coworker gave me a voice recorder that records in WMA files. I cannot simply drag the audio file into iTunes like I have from other recorders. I need to get the audio into iTunes so I can burn to CD. Any ideas?

iMac, Mac OS X (10.6.2)
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    Unlike iTunes for Windows, iTunes on the Mac will not import and convert WMA files to an iTunes friendly format. You need to convert the files prior to importing them, you could have a look at something like EasyWMA or Switch audio converter. These will let you convert the files to an iTunes compatible format:
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    Problems -

    EasyWMA is not free.
    Switch looks fine, but after installing the wma plugin as prompted, and feeding it the first batch of .wma files, it crashed.

    I'm now 'borrowing' an EasyWMA.
    Pros : simple to use. you can have it process your entire music folder at once. adds songs to itunes right away.
    Cons : limited functionality! E.g. there's no option for VBR (variable bit rate), so I set it to 256 fixed. E.g. when having it run through my entire music folder, there was no option to restrict it to wma files - it also worked my flac's, for which I'd already found a better solution (fluke).

    Sigh Hate to complain, but hey, this stuff would be easier on Windows
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    Problems -
    EasyWMA is not free.

    Why is that a problem? The developer had to spend time creating it, don't you think he deserves $10? Or is you all your music not worth $10?
    Or you don't like the program? Don't use it if you don't like it or it doesn't fit your needs.
    I'm now 'borrowing' an EasyWMA.

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    If you can get temporary access to a machine running iTunes for Windows, take your WMAs over there on a flash drive, let iTunes for Windows convert them, and take the converted files back to your Mac on the flash drive.