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    psharma wrote:
    guess you are not thinking logically.... Not sure why it's hard for you to understand that Apple is forcing users to upgrade....

    No, you're not thinking logically. Apple is not forcing you to do anything. Apple made a decision on how their feature worked with their phone. Don't like it?... tell Apple ( and/or buy another phone.

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  • Jennifer B. Level 1 Level 1
    TheOn3LeftBehind wrote:
    Uhm, it's a bad thing because they're GREEDY.

    I actually don't think that's completely true. YES they (and everyone else in business) is in it to make money. However, why make the feature available for older phones? I mean when new computers come out and they have features that the new ones do NOT have should we be mad. I don't think so...just part of the business.

    Personally I'm okay with the older one's not having it. My hope, however, is that some where down the line we would be able to use the front facing camera for 3rd party apps such as Skpe or iChat, etc to "video chat" with computers vs just iPhones. I think there's a good chance of it happening.
  • Matthew Morgan Level 7 Level 7
    Not sure why it's hard for you to understand that Apple is forcing users to upgrade

    Of course! The conspiracy theory. That always makes the most sense.

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    They probably will not have FaceTime on the 3GS. As on the previous models, this is an exclusive for iPhone 4 except for third party apps and if the iPad's camera from WWDC showcase as seen in recent news can go with 3GS.
    * 3G - GPS (not included for 2G)
    * 3GS - Video camcorder to go with Apple's Picture app (not included for 3G)
    * 4 - HD Video camcorder, FaceTime iChat, Gyroscope, 802.11N, etc (not included for 3GS).
  • Allan Sampson Level 10 Level 10
    Anyway, as Steve said a couple of years ago, nobody wants video chat on a phone...

    When and where did he say this? Can you provide a link to the video when he said this or a written transcript of the event or interview?

    And FaceTime is completely useless at the moment? Not partially useless, it is completely and utterly useless. Wow, just wow, and with so many people having a wi-fi network at home and/or at work, along with the number of public wi-fi hotspots available paid and free at hotels, restaurants, coffee shops. AT&T has over 20,000 paid wi-fi hotspots throughout the U.S. which is free for iPhone owners that are AT&T subscribers. This along with Apple making FaceTime an open standard, which will allow 3rd party video chat apps to make use of it since it will be based on open internet standards.

    Completely useless? Not hardly. But anyone who thinks so that purchases an iPhone 4 is not forced to use it with fellow iPhone 4 users via wi-fi only at the outset at least.

    Funny how this is not available with any other cell phone sold in the U.S. Apple introduces it first along with making FaceTime an open standard and it is called completely - not partially, but completely useless by some. I'll bet you dollars to donuts other cell phone manufacturers got their copy machines cranked up after Apple announced this with the iPhone 4. They can't be first, but they sure know how to copy, or try to.
  • Matthew Morgan Level 7 Level 7
    What he said was "no one wants video on an iPod or MP3 player".

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    Well, it's a phone with a speaker or a mic if you have a headset. So on a 3Gs you can carry on a conversation with someone on a ver. 4 iPhone via facetime. The person on the 3Gs can send the video feed and the person on the Ver. 4 will benefit fully. The 3Gs will require selecting the camera and flipping the phone around to send a video feed. And if they need to see what is on their screen they can select to switch off their camera which should freeze frame on the last shot of them and flip the camera around to see a feed on their end. It's clumsy, but its functional. And let's face it. The market has just opened the doors to third party solutions for a little mini-cam that connects to the 3GS with a forward facing camera. Anyone remember the firewire iSight cameras? Ring a bell? Its possible to tweak an older phone with an accessory like that, provided it far less than upgrading to a version 4.
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    I always thought they'd release some sort of front facing camera/dongle to plug into the 3GS for video conferencing. maybe hold the phone sideways for best viewing because of camera location (plugged into charging port) but seems like they could make it work. the 3GS is powerful enough from what i've read.
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    you can text from an ipod touch.... its called text free unlimited lol
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    LOL guys thanks for bring me back to my senses no conference call without front facing camera.. how ever i like the iMirror concept!
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