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I've been using my iPad to connect to my hotel's Wifi network. It worked for the first few days but today it stopped connecting. My iPhone and my laptop connect fine. It looks like it won't find any WiFi networks now. My iPhone can find them fine. The 3G works fine except I'm in Canada and don't want to use it to avoid international roaming charges.

iPad 3G + WifI, Other OS
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    Try rebooting your iPad: hold the home button and the on/of switch until the Apple logo appears.
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    i have the same problem... out of suddenly all wifi access point disappeared, at home and at office. yet other device have no problem connection problem at all....
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    In addition to the above, you can also try Resetting network settings. Go to Settings, General, reset, "Reset network settings".

    Note: This will clear all network settings.
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    I have exactly the same problem. My Ipad 3G worked for first several days and then all of sudden stopped detecting any Wi-Fi networks. I have thoroughly studied Apple Discussions related to similar issues and tried several times all suggested workarounds, like resetting network settings, resetting all settings, switching off and on wi-fi function, changing brightness of the screen, complete restoring Ipad 3G to factory settings. Unfortunately, none of the suggested options worked for me and my Ipad without a wi-fi function effectively remains semi-dead and practically useless. To exacerbate the problem I am currently located in Greece where service for Ipad is yet unavailable. Can anyone suggest what should I do. Thanks in advance.
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    i am also facing the same situation, no service yet here in Malaysia... and no warranty from the reseller... perhaps too rush to get the device... cry now... sigh...
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    Believe it or not, there is some peculiar relationship between the screen brightness settings and WiFi. If your screen brightness is set to the lower level the iPad won't reconnect to known WiFi networks and may have other WiFi issues.

    Adjust the brightness up a little and the WiFi works. I know this sounds unlikely, but for certain Wi-Fi issues, it's the answer.
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    This worked for me and I did not lose any of my email account setups or anything not recoverable. After the reset, it detected my secure home network right away and all I had to do was re-enter the network password.
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    This *****, I just bought an ipad yesterday and it is already doing this to me. The weirdest thing was at first, I would have my macbook with me and when no networks showed up at places I knew there were networks that I regularly got on to with my macbook, I would get out my macbook to check and suddenly it would appear on my ipad. So I would close the macbook and start to work on the ipad, and a few seconds after closing the macbook the network would disappear. I would open the macbook back up and the network would appear on my ipad. But now that doesn't work at all. I am posting this now from a free public hotspot on my macbook while my fancy new ipad sits next to me doing nothing

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    might be the update... i have 4.3.3 and nothing like this has ever happened.

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    I got my iPad 2 only just over a week ago, and it was working perfectly to my knowledge, and I was quite happy with it.

    However, all of a sudden it stopped recognising my home's wifi router on Saturday evening, and this morning it stopped using my phone's (Nokia N8, EZ Spot app) wifi hotspot. So it's not a problem with my router.

    By this I mean it can connect fine (according to settings) and even have notifications from apps pop up. (So-and-so commented on, from Facebook, update available on appstore for whatever app, etc.)

    But… when I try to use the internet connection (at full bars) to access the app, like Safari, AppStore, or anything, nothing happens.

    Interestingly, when I looked at my phone's app, it told me it had a couple of kb data under uploaded, but no wifi data had been downloaded by the iPad.

    I've followed all the steps on the support website, but to no avail.

    What can I do to fix this? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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    Does anybody know if they have some kind of update/fix for this coming out?

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    I had the same problem but with only SOME networks... I SOLVED the problem by changing the networks NAME!!! When I use certain caracters like "í" or "." it wont appear on my ipad but it will on my mac! so change your network name avoiding symbols or spaces, "_" will work ... hope it helps everyone!