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    Safari 5 stalls, sleeps, drives me nutz. I've tried every fix I've found on here...nothing helps. Does the same on macbookpro and 3 new yep, having the same issues, Campbell. Good luck to us all....cheers, brick
  • Life2short1971 Level 1 Level 1 (10 points)
    I can only get pages to finish loading by clicking the reload in the address bar. Anybody got it figured yet? Somethings load like like lightning and go great all of the sudden dead in its tracks.grrr
  • Moban Level 1 Level 1 (5 points)
    I too have the very same issues. I can often correct it for a while by rebooting my router. I can recreate the issue by putting my iMac to sleep then waking it up. Very annoyed an hoping for a good solution too. I also should add that when safari is hung, so are some of my dashboard widgets and Chrome will hang (resolving host...) until I reboot the router. So it seems the issue goes deeper than just impacting Safari. Anyone else notice dashboard issues or problems with other browsers?
  • Beren Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)
    Yes, the upgrade to Safari 5 affected more than Safari itself. I noted on a different thread that the beach ball especially appears after I have allowed the computer to remain idle for a while--everything seems to be affected. Even rebooting takes a long time--and then I would get a message that my Camino (I usually run both Camino and Safari at the same time) is unresponsive and would not quit.

    Anyway, I solved my problem by restoring my system to where it was before I upgraded to Safari and everything is working fine again (hence the use of the past tense above).
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    Had problems similar to the OP. But after uninstalling Greasekit the problems disappeared

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    Also had a very similar problem but its solved now add-ons and all (i use gloms for additional safari features)

    here's what i did:

    disk utility - > repair disk permissions
    run this twice

    restart your mac. once you hear the start up sound hit alt, command, p and r keys on the keyboard and hold them. mac will then restart again. keep holding until you hear the start up sound a second time, release the keys and suddenly everything is back in tip top shape.

    'll be honest i\m not super technically qualified so i have no idea what this does, however someone far more knowledgeable than i told me of this process which is apparently the equivalent of disk defragment and disk cleanup on windows machines; except the difference is that on windows you need to do it at least once a month whereas the repairing once a year and only if you feel like your mac is slowing down.

    anyway that process works for me... and i love the reader function
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    I uninstalled ClickToFlash prior to updating to S5 and have not had any problems, it's just faster than S4. I use GLIMS & C2F and they appear to be mostly working. I do run in K64 mode all the time, though. So all my KEXTS are verified to work with the 64bit kernel mode.
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    I have been having major problems since updating to S5, it is driving me insane. Please can we have a fix urgently. It is so bad that I have resorted to using my Windows laptop, so it must be bad.
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    Same here! I switched back to S4. It runs fine again. There is an obvious problem. Glad I had a backup.
    I don't use plug-ins and it would hang or time out a lot, so much for S5.
  • Eric Taub1 Level 1 Level 1 (35 points)
    You may have put in an incorrect link. Clicking on the link says I don't have permission to go to that discussion.
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    I'm having the same problems with Safari 5. It hangs a lot and sometimes it won't load at all and I have to restart it. Also, it's crashing a lot more mostly because of Flash content. With Safari 4 latest update, it would crash maybe once a month, if that. But with 5, it crashed many times since I installed it. I like the new article feature, but so far, 5 is worse than 4. Hopefully it just needs an update.
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    Add me to the list of frustrated folks using Safari 5. I had to use Firefox to get to this board because it hung ON THE APPLE SUPPORT SITE! Completely unacceptable in my opinion.

    Maybe I'll try doing the disk utility thing twice. Can't hurt.
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    Well. I started this thread, so it's only fair that I point out that, tonight, Safari 5 is working beautifully. No hanging, no troubles. I did add the DNS numbers that Andy Ball suggested, but I really have no idea if that makes a difference. I also think that the trouble might come from interference. It's late, and my router has no competition. These are my very un-professional thoughts.

    [Pardon me for posting this incorrectly at another thread.]
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    It does seem to be related to time. When I wake my computer in the morning (or other occasions after it's been sleeping for a while) and open my nine favorite sites using 'open in tabs', I'll be lucky if two of them open -- the others give the (now) usual 'could not be found' message. I can usually open them individually if I try reloading each one a few times.

    However, after a while, reloading the whole set of tabs will work fine.

    No plugins, add-ons, etc.

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