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    It seems like all new laptops with good battery life have LED-backlighting.

    Has anyone who got eyestrain using the new MBP bought another laptop in 2010 that did not give them eyestrain?
  • CTS Level 2 (200 points)
    I don't know what role "LED backlighting" plays; the relevant distinction, for me, is glossy v. matte. It is true that all "consumer" laptops have gone glossy. "Business" laptops, like the Dell Vostro and Latitude line, or the Thinkpad T-series, are matte. They do not cause me eyestrain.
  • John Badanes Level 1 (0 points)
    The glossy screen is just a pretty face, I'm afraid. I mean, really beautiful, to be sure -- all those saturated colors, and all. Trouble is, as has all too frequently been stated, those darned reflections of everything in the room you're in and the problems "looking through" those reflections to focus on your work ... for more than ten minutes that is.

    Apple's new 27" display (same size as the 27" iMac screen) is worse, if you will ... since there is less "center" and more stuff to the right and left of center that gets completely obliterated by mirrored reflections. A matte 27" Apple full featured display option would be great -- and, I suppose it's remotely possible that Apple will offer one in the future.

    Similarly, I can hope that a 13" Macbook Pro matte option becomes available. The trouble is, the more Apple promotes the IDEA that glossy is better, the less likely either the 13" or 27" options are to become available to consumers. Even offering a matte display as an option is a little like admitting that there just might be something not all that great about the glossy look. Admitting there's an issue detracts from everyone's enthusiasm, doesn't it.

    Don't get me wrong. I like a pretty face as much as the next person. And the glossy screens sure are pretty. Trouble is, like pretty faces in real life, you can tire quickly of them when they're just a pretty face, lacking substance ... in the case of displays, lacking functionality.

    Just my vote for matte options on both the 13" Macbook Pro AND the NEW 27" display ... not that anyone at Apple is listening
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