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when i open finder under places there is something called "untitled cd" with a yellow and black circle next to it - every time i turn the mac on i get some error message related to this - how do i remove it?

apple mac, Mac OS X (10.5.5)
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    Did you have a CD in your drive and possibly not eject it properly (by dragging the icon to the trash)? The yellow/black circle is the button to initiate burning the CD.

    You might try going to Preferences in Finder and UNcheck "show CDs,DVDs, etc" in the Sidebar. Restart. Check that the CD is no longer showing; you can then recheck to show in the Preferences. If that doesn't work, try this:

    Another possibility is that some preference .plist has become corrupted; go to User -> Library -> Preferences and throw the following in the trash:



    You may have to reset your preferences in Finder after trashing the .plists.
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    great, thanks barbara, i've successfully dragged it to the trash bin
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    Glad to hear it worked - it might be helpful to mark this answered so people perusing the forum with the same type of problem could find a solution.