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    Eric wrote:
    mrLucas87 wrote:
    really blew it with the iphone 4gs design. It looks like every other phone now. Its ugly.What happend to the sleek beautiful iphone that we have all come to known.

    I actually prefer the new look over the old one!
    (and it's iPhone 4, not iPhone 4GS)

    It's thinner, so it will fit in your pocket better, and the display looks amazing (from what I can see in photographs, the video of the keynote is poor resolution, so hard to see display difference).

    Lol! i know it's 4 not 4gs, and still everyone keeps calling it 4gs hahaa.... habbit i guess

    ti's tinner 2mm witch is not really that much. and it acctually looks fatter, since 3gs has the curve.
    i am not talking about the technical inovations - they are great. i am just talking about the design
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    paulcb wrote:
    Too bad you're so fixated on appearances... you're probably missing a lot of good things in life.

    ... and the rubber bands? is it for 5year olds?

    rubber bands??

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    i am an architect actually!

    rubber bands are an option... go see for yourself - its on the site
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    Yes, I saw those rubber bands yesterday.... not sure if I like them either but I'm sure some will.

    As you do I'm sure, I believe visual appeal in public structures is important. My visual standards aren't quite as high for a personal device though - I'm more concerned about function (I'm an Engineer). That being said, it's obvious that Apple is very concerned about the look and design of their device as they should be. Personally, for a phone, I like the industrial look of the 4 better than the organic look of the previous models.

    In any case, as the saying goes... beauty is in the eye of the beholder.
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