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    No water at all. I don't even a damp cloth to clean is always dry.
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    I'm the original poster on this thread. I ended up taking my iPad back to the Apple Store. They ran some diagnostics, and found that my RAM was almost maxed out, which didn't really make sense. It indicated a faulty processor, so they gave me a new iPad. I took it home, synched, and it only took about 45 minutes to synch 30 gigs of data. My original iPad took about 5 hours to synch for the first time. Clearly there was a problem with the processor in the first one, but I didn't realize it at first, as it took several weeks before it started exhibiting the erratic screen behavior. Hope this helps anyone else who might experience this down the line.
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    Still have the issue. When I get back from my trip I'm taking it to the Apple store.
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    I am having the exact same issue with a 16G Wifi. When in Safari the keyboard randomly engages as if someone had touched the url bar or the google search bar. We have already swapped the first ipad out for a brand new one and the issue is still happening. We even put a drawing pad app on the touch screen to determine where the "ghost touches" were happening and when testing this way we discovered that multiple dots (touches) began showing up in the menu bar of safari (url and google search fields)and nowhere else on the screen. This explains why the keyboard keeps coming up.

    We are using ipads as kiosks in a business setting and only using safari and a such have no other applications on the machines that could cause an issue. The other interesting piece of information is that we have another ipad set up the exact same way and it does not have any issues.

    Has anyone gotten a good remedy to this issue given that I have already tried the swap out option with no luck?

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    I have the same problem, and I found out what's wrong, it's not the software - restart, restore and FW upgrade will not help, if's defiantly hardware.
    The best option is to replace your iPad assuming you have an apple store nearby… which I don't however I found what's causing it and how to bypass the issue almost completely
    It's caused by the case pressing on the borders of the iPad, if you plan to continue using your case make sure it applies no pressure on the iPad - stretch it a little.
    Then, take your iPad out of the case (the random / ghost typing will continue..) hold it on both sides, and press hard like your trying to "fold" it towards the apple logo on the back, once you do that you'll that the iPad works normally, and will keep working ok for a long time, if the random typing returns, just do the "folding" action again.
    When pressing, apply strength but don't overdo it, you don't really want to fold your iPad (or break it), hope this helps…
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    I have the same problem - it seems to come and go which is frustrating when trying to fix. I intend to backe up/go to shop as soon for new ipad as I get time to but in the meantime used DarkDwarf's bend the ipad solution and it seems to have worked for now!
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    Well, I've had this problem off and on for some months (bought my iPad back in June) and all this time, I thought it was a dirty screen, hair, dust, flakes, finger smudges, you name it, etc. So I always did some cleaning, which APPEARED to solve the problem sometimes. However, wiping, cleaning, no water (always a dry microfibre cloth), never dropped, always well-cared for, the problem persists. Even after cleaning thoroughly (really inspecting at all angles for any tiny bits of hair, smudges, dust/flakes, etc.) and just setting it down on a table or c countertop, with or without the MacAlly Metropad case (like the Belkin GripVue-clear soft plastic that protects the back and edges that adds grip), it just acts strangely on its own. This is sporadic. Sometimes I won't see it for a while then sometimes it just happens throughout the day. It's frustrating. I'm convinced something is wrong. I tried the suggestion above stating to remove it from the case, give it a squeeze on both sides toward the middle, etc. Doesn't seem to work. I noticed that any pressure on the bezel (black around the screen) causes the screen to get jumpy. Not sure if that's expected or normal behaviour.

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    I'm another iPad user with this symptom. I have wondered if it is hardware, but that seems less likely if a simple re-boot seems to stop the erratic behavior. I just tested your theory of pinching it on the black bezel (about an inch below the Home button) and it immediately started it's phantom routine of zooming in and out on this page.

    When I locked it and re-opened the page, it had stopped. Additional pinching in the same area did not replicate the bug. This has happened to me when the iPad was in another room - I heard audio coming from the other room and discovered my iPad had - on its own - launched YouTube.

    Sometimes when this happens, I will try to turn it off, and in horizontal use (with Home button to left) the power button will not respond to my touch. It always responds if I rotate it vertically and then shut it down.


    Paul Lara
    Boston, MA
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    I've got an iPad2, which I've had for about three months, that just started exhibiting this issue. 

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    I have had the same issue but I have managed to track the root cause down to a couple of issue.


    After having 4 replacements from Apple we discovered that the iPad power supply was faulty and overvolting the ipad which skrewed the touchscreen completely.


    Secondly, I have discovered that my BT Infinity broadband router seems to be so powerful that when placed in the same room will start giving phantom touching on my iPad.  Turning off the wireless router stops the issue immediately.


    I have had my iPad since Day 1 and it has been fine in the same environment so,


    some level of Firmware / IOS change has meant the iPad is more suceptable to wireless interference and secondly faulty iPad power supplies will wreck your iPad.

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    I have same problem with my Ipad which is more than a year old. Apple refuses to repair it for free although it is clearly a design error. I live in Belgium and in Europe manufacturors have to provide 2 years of warranty. Apple refuses and says I have to return it to the seller. Seller says it is under warranty only if I can prove that it was faulty when I first got the IPAD.


    So, I will have to buy a new tablet ... and it won't be an IPAD.

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    I had this problem for several months and was ready to give up when a colleague suggest that I remove it from the case I had it in. That worked. No further problems. I had been using the Apple black tight-fitting case sold for the first generation IPad.

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    My iPad was doing the same thing - typing random letters, opening random apps, etc. Mostly it would type the same characters (CCCC;;;;;X:CCC:;;;CS). I did a restart, reboot, and even restore to factory settings. None of that worked.


    I have a hard plastic case with a rubber covering. I took off the rubber covering only (leaving the hard plastic part on) to look at it and it acted fine. Then, I put the rubber covering back on and it acted weird again. Now I just have the hard plastic covering on.


    So, my theory is that it has something to do with the case. Maybe it is pressing hard against the typing part of the screen, or rubbing against the screen somehow? Whatever it is, it worked.

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    I have the same problem. Ipad starts typing the same letters over and over again on it's own (YYYY,BBBB,VVVV,GGGG) opening all kind of url's, zooming in and out. And all this in a crazy fast way. When I succeed in shutting the Ipad down (it sometimes refuses because of all actions it's performing) and restart, the problem is for 90% gone for a little while, but always returns in full swing. 90% means, that it's acting normal except for actions where I have to push the center of the screen. I can't sweep things passing the center. At the center the sweepitem returns to it's original position. I think the problem lies in the touchscreen and the connecting sensors it's has. It's very annoying.

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