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Hey all. I shot footage in 24pAdvanced on my Panasonic DVX100b. Now I am stuck trying to figure out the most optimal capture, sequence, and export presets. I want to get good clear 720p video out of the footage, but when I export it looks grainy and low quality.
Can you guys post your workflows for the DVX?
As of now I have:
L/C: DV NTSC 48 kHz Advanced (2:3:3:2) Pulldown Removal preset wit Firewire NTSC NDF
Sequence: NTSC DV - 48kHz 23.98
Export: Current Settings

ANy help?

..::MacBook Pro 17::.., Mac OS X (10.6.3), Final Cut Studio 3
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    I want to get good clear 720p video out of the footage,

    Then you need to record your video with a camera that works in that format. The big brother to the DVX (HVX-200a) does a very nice job with 720p24. And, you can record 24p directly to the P2 card so there is no pull down to worry about.

    If you can't do that, look for someone with a Kona LHi/3 to do the uprez in hardware.

    Good luck,

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    I shouldn't really have said 720p. I really mean the best look out of it. In Final Cut the footage looks almost HD< but by the time I export it to quicktime, it looks grainy and too digitized.
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    Hi -
    When you view it in Quicktime, do you have the preferences for Quicktime set correctly?
    You should be viewing in Quicktime 7 with the prefs set to:
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    Wait so, I should be using quicktime 7? And not the newest version of quicktime?
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    Hi -
    Many feel Quicktime X is not ready for primetime. There are no preferences. Many of the features that professionals use are currently not in Quicktime X. It will likely soon evolve into something better but for right now, many professional users of FCS 3 prefer to use Quicktime 7.

    When you installed or upgraded and got Quicktime X, Quicktime Pro 7 should have been placed in your Utilities folder.

    I have it in my dock so I can drag movies to the dock icon and see them play.
    Configure the Quicktime 7 prefs as outlined above and see if your exported Quicktime movies resemble the appearance they had in FCP.

    You said:
    Actingbiz1 wrote:
    in Final Cut the footage looks almost HD< but by the time I export it to quicktime, it looks grainy and too digitized. </div>

    This may help that.
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    I'll try that and see how it looks.
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    I have found the best settings for any user using the Panasonic DVX AG-100b shooting with 24pA
    These settings get rid of issues like Pulldown Cadence Errors, Dropped Frames, Horrible Quality, and so on.

    TAB: "Timeline Options"
    Starting Timecode: "Drop Frame" Option should be unchecked

    TAB: "Playback Control"
    RT: Unlimited
    Video Quality: Dynamic
    Frame Rate: Full or Dynamic
    Pulldown Pattern: 2:3:3:2
    Gamma Correction: Accurate
    Frame Offset: 4
    Record: Full Quality
    (I have all options checked except "Play Base Layer Only")


    TAB: Summary
    Sequence Preset: DV NTSC 48kHz - 23.98
    Capture Preset: DV NTSC 48 kHz Advanced (2:3:3:2) Pulldown Removal
    Device Control Preset: FireWire NTSC NDF

    Tab: Sequence Presets
    Edit: DV NTSC 48kHz - 23.98
    Aspect Ratio: NTSC DV (3:2)
    Anamorphic 16:9 CHECKED (If you shot with widescreen)
    Editing Timebase: 23.98fps
    Timecode Rate: Same as Editing Timebase
    QuickTime Video Settings
    (Under Advanced)
    Compression Type: DV/DVCPRO - NTSC
    Frames Per Second: Custom 23.976
    Quality: BEST
    Scan Mode: Progressive
    Aspect Ratio 4:3

    Audio Settings: Leave alone
    TAB: Video Processing:
    I have this set to Render ALL YUV material, but you can set that to your preference.

    Now back to AV settings under tha CAPTURE PRESETS tab:
    Edit/Duplicate DV NTSC 48kHz Advanced (2:3:3:2) Pulldown
    Frame Size: NTSC DV (3:2) Anamorphic 16:9 CHECKED
    Digitizer; DV Video
    Input: AG-DVX100B
    Compressor DV/DVCPRO - NTSC
    Quality 100%
    FPS: 29.97

    QuickTime Audio Settings:
    Device: DV Audio
    Input: First 2 Channels (If that's what you used)
    Format 48.000 kHz 16-bit 2-chan
    (Don't change this unless you know for a fact another setting woks, b/c the DVX doesn't go higher than that setting)
    Capture Card Support Simultaneous Play Through and Capture (CHECKED)
    Remove Advanced Pulldown and/or Duplicate Frames from FireWire sources (CHECKED)
    High-Quality Video Play Through (UNCHECKED)

    Back to AV Settings under the Device Control Presets tab:
    Edit FireWire NTSC NDF
    Protocol: Apple FireWire
    Time Source: DV Time
    Frame Rate: 29.97
    Default Timecode: Non-Drop Frame

    I changed my Pre-roll to 2 seconds.

    And when you're done editing, EXPORT USING COMPRESSOR and find the best settings.

    Hope this helped. Wish I had this when I was figuring out how to do this.
    My advice, SAVE ALL OF THESE to an easy setup and copy this post just incase you lose the settings.