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We have 2001 iBook laptop that when it gets to the login screen it says it has Mac OS X MS Mini Cow #04...I am having a hard time trying to figure out how to reset the password ...I've tried an old disc while pressing C but I'm not sure how good the disc is, I can't even even find any documentation on Mac OS X MS Mini Cow #04...PLEASE HELP. Also, I'm not concerned about any of the documents on it...can one install Windows XP on it?

M6497, Other OS, OS X Mini Cow #04
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    To check out how to reset password see knowledge base article:
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    I've seen that article...that's why I said I tried pressing C while starting it...a couple of problems I have is I'm not sure my OS X 10.4 install cd is good and the other problem is...even if I did have a brand new install disk how would I know which one to use for Mac OS X MS Mini Cow #04? (I mean I'm not a Mac guy but just the name sounds like a joke yet every time it boots up it goes to a login screen that says "Mac OS X MS Mini Cow #04"...I've tried different key compinations too...include Apple + S (I guess that's how your supposed to be able to go into Single-mode with some versions.)


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    It seems that there is a Mac OSX Version installed, a user named MS Mini Cow #4 (very funny) has left some data on the disc. Take a look at this picture if it looks similar (OSX 10.3 Panther):

    Only a black Install Disc wit a X on it (OSX 10.3 or 10.4) will work. You need a firewire port and 256MB Ram to install OSX 10.4, OSX 10.3 needs only 128MB. If you havn't got enough RAM the installer will refuse to load.

    You can run windows 98 on you iBook when you have got a working installation of OSX. Buy a vintage program named Virtual PC on Ebay. Version 5 came sometimes bundled with Windows 98.
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    Ohhhh...yes, I wonder I couldn't find any documentation on the OS it doesn't exist as such! (The only difference I really see on the login screen is that it has a login button and a user name and password box...but the picture is very simular. I'm assuming it's because the computer I have has only one account name with it perhaps.) Has to be a black disk?...what's that? Why do I need a firewire port...I think it has one...but what is it used for? Do I need to use some kind of external CD-ROM with the port?
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    You need a firewire port only to meet the system requirements for OSX 10.4 Tiger.
    No physical need for the installation itself.

    Here are the system requirements for OSX 10.3 Panther

    The original iBook came with Mac OS 8.6, the faster models with OS9.
    So you have to look for black retail CD/DVD for installing OSX 10.3 or 10.4
    The grey ones were bundled with other models and will not work with your iBook.

    For a start, you may try the free linux distribution Ubuntu 5 to see if your ibook is working.

    Download the PowerPC Live CD iso image. Burn the ISO by using your windows PC and put it in the optical drive of your iBook.
    After pressing the power Button push the ALT key and a screen with the bootable drives will appear. OSX will show up and your Linux CD. Choose Linux and you will be guided through the next steps.
    Live CD means that you can try out the system prior to a real installation (without writing data to the disc).

    A maxed out iBook with 576MB RAM and a bigger HD >20GB can run Ubuntu 10.
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    I downloaded and burned the ISO for Ubunto Linex for Mac but every time I press the ALT key when starting up it shows up with a screen with a picture of a lock on the left a field that looks like it's a field to enter a password and a button with a picture of an arrow on the right and I can't get past this point. (How do I get past this?) I've also ordered black discs of OSX 10.3.
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    Bad luck. It seems that the previous owner has hat an open firmware password which does not allow to boot from CD.

    Good news. You can remove it.

    1. Shut down the Mac and disconnect the power from it.
    2. Change the RAM configuration. Add or remove RAM so the amount is altered.
    3. Close the machine and plug it back in.
    4. Start up the machine and reset the PRAM by holding down the following keys while it boots: CommandOption+PR You must hold these keys until you hear 3 chimes.
    5. Once the machine starts you can then shut it down, reinstall the RAM, and boot from the install CD.
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    Thanks...that solved the firmware password I'm just still waiting for the OS X cds to come in.
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    Well, the OS X 10.3 disk came in and as it turned out it was an upgrade disk...and it looks like the HD has OS X 10.4.11 on it...In any event, I couldn't reset the password with it...didn't seem to let me really choose a user name...just had root grayed out...and when I tried to install it, it said it didn't have a previous version of OS X on it...this is frustrating...any suggestions?
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    If it is really an upgrade version it has to be written clearly on the disc.

    There is still a OSX Panther support site on

    There you will find a Installation and setup guide.(PDF)

    Installing an older version over a newer one is sometimes tricky, in some cases it may be rejected by the system.
    If you definitely have no upgrade disc it may help to erase the OSX Tiger installation first by choosing the HD utility from the installation menu above and to re-partition the drive or erase the content.
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    This is driving me insane. The CD's were not advertised as an there a difference???! The disk 1 says "upgrade" on it...the 2nd and 3rd disk don't say "upgrade" on them. Now, I've formatted the computer and have given it one large partition with Mac OS Extended (Jouneraled) partition and still get the stupid error that there isn't a prior version of OS X on what?

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    You have been tricked by the seller.
    This is a CD upgrade Version which needs an installed OSX 10.2 Jaguar version on the HD. Installing it over 10.4 Tiger would be a downgrade and this doesn't work.
    Get your money back from the seller and give Linux a try in the meantime.
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    Considering this is what it says it is could I use this to install an OS on it:
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    The last time I tried the Ubuntu Live CD I got errors...this time I didn't get errors...but I was just wondering if I did actually used the Install CD after I made it...could a Mac OS X system be installed on it later? If so thanks for the suggestion about trying Linux for now. Is there a wireless USB adapter that would work with Ubuntu Linux 5.04 that isn't too complicated to set up to connect to a router for the Internet?
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