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I've currently been scouring the description of FaceTime for this and have yet to find anything about it. I believe that it would be really neat that if while using FaceTime the iPhone would have the ability to record video from the 720p camera on the back. This not only applies to the main person who is using the 720p camera for FaceTime to be able to record this data, but also for the other person to record it as well. As far as I can tell it would be pretty simple to achieve this, especially for the main person using FaceTime because the 720p camera is already being utilized to view the information. So really how much harder would it be for the iPhone to just record the information at the touch of a button as well? Though I do believe it might be harder on the end of the receiving iPhone with FaceTime to do this because it is being streamed through Wi-Fi, but at the same time I could be wrong because the information is already being sent from the main FaceTime iPhone to the other FaceTime iPhone. So my main point right now is that the data is there, so why not just record it at the same time? Like I said, this could also be a very nice feature to have incorporated into FaceTime. For example iPhone 4 #1 makes a FaceTime call to iPhone 4 #2 because a friend is about to do something amazing and iPhone #1 doesn't want iPhone #2 to miss it. So iPhone #1 is streaming this really amazing video over Wi-Fi to iPhone #2 using FaceTime and the 720p camera, which is nice because now iPhone #2 hasn't missed out on the something amazing. But what if iPhone #1 or #2 wanted to record the video that is being streamed as well? This is where the idea of recording would come in handy, and it would kind of be like DVR, but on an iPhone through the use of FaceTime. Now to finish up this awfully long post, sorry for that, I would like to know anyone's opinion on this idea and if this might be implemented in a future iOS update to the iPhone 4, or will it have to wait until the next iPhone because of hardware restraints?

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