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I had the slider on lock, and connected it to my PC. Now, iTunes doesn't show it on the source list, I cannot unlock it either, and it is frozen with the lock icon showing and the screen lit.
To compound matters, my click button (centre on wheel) is broken, so I can't auto reset by following the 5R method.
Connecting to my PC does not auto unlock it either... should I let the battery run out and hope that works? Or is there anything else I can do??

Windows Vista
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    to clarify it isn't locked.. it is stuck on hold. I never set a screen lock on my iPod.
    Basically the screen is frozen showing the song name of the last tune I was listening to when I put it on hold, and I cannot get it off hold.. or reset it via my PC. iTunes does not register it is connected.
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    If it says it's on hold and it's frozen on the page of the song you were listening to, I suggest you press the center button with something strong like pen so you won't hurt yourself, and also press the menu button at the same time. If that doesn't work, then I don't know what to tell you. Mine, though a classic, still has similar issue; often, it freezes when I plug it into the computer and then the center button, I have to kill my finger just to get it to work since it's seems to have been presed all the way in or something. Afterwards, try to plug it into your computer. I really hope this helps. If it doesn't, I suggest you wet it XD. Mine got wet and stopped working so I went to get it checked a year later (it was two years old by then) and they said since it got wet, it's not considered my fault and gave me a new one for way cheaper. They also offered 20% off any other iPod in they had in stock. Just saying...check if where the headphones go, the little white spot in the middle is red-that indicates whether it's gotten wet or not.