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I have two files, and iPod app and a TV show, that will not stop downloading. I've deleted the app and can't even find the TV show to delete, but every time I click Downloads (under Store), it shows that I have 2 downloads waiting. I delete them, move them to the trash, and they are immediately right back starting their downloads. It always shows "2 iTunes Downloads Available" at the bottom of the iTunes window.

The TV show in particular, I have no idea where it came from. Only thing I can think is one of my kids downloaded it several years ago. But is is not shown under my TV shows, and only appears in the download section. Could I somehow be subscribed and not know it? If so, how do I find out?

The app I just recently deleted, but it won't go away either. I've deleted it from within iTunes, and even trashed the file in the Finder. But it's still in my download list.

What can I do? I don't want these downloads to start every time I want to update an app that I actually want, and I don't want to keep deleting them.

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