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    BUMP BUMP BUMP!!!!!!

    I just very RELUCTANTLY upgrated from my G5 PowerPC (which by the way was running perfectly without any hitch, except that to upgrade to Adobe CS5 suite - so that I could be inline with the rest of my design studio.. I had to upgrade to an Intel based Mac)

    How i hate apple at this very moment though (it is becoming more like Windows... are you poaching developers from Bill Gates???)... I now have the new stupid operating system installed 10.6.5. First of all... WHERE IS THE FRIGGING "Open in new TAB" option. I found a code to put into terminal which seemed to fix this issue somewhat but not completely.

    NOW.. BUMP BUMP BUMP... Asif you'd not allow us to choose a download location specifically for EACH download?? DUMB DUMB. It is very important. Very Very important. Don't **** what isn't broken.
  • iPhone... Mark of the beast? Level 1 Level 1
    Okay... further to this... the issue seems to only arrise once it is in a NEW TAB. The first time i open a window i have FULL contextual menu operations (ie. Save as, open in new tab ... etc) THEN when i am working in a new tab.... i lose all those handy contextual menus and only have 'Open in new window' etc????? (I HAVE NEVER CHOSEN TO DO THAT EVER!!!)

    Irate. Why do they have to muck things up which were working so well before????
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    Okay.. i just downgraded to Safari 4 using Pacifist..
    I am still having the same problem.

    Must be this stinking OSX 10.6.5

    (I upgraded from 10.4.11 - and i NEVER EVER had a problem with that. Only issue was that i couldnt connect my iphone... which as you all should know is the Mark of the beast)
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    10.6.5 does not of itself remove the open in new tab function - and for most users, neither does it reveal problems with add-on software to cause that.

    Clearly something's doing that for you - I suggest opening a new thread in the Safari for Mac forum, & working through it there.
    Start by testing in a new account - a New User Account and also looking at any add-ons in HD/Library/InputManagers/

    you might also test with plugins disabled via Safari-Preferences-security

    fwiw, reverting to 4.0.x replaces not just safari, but several software frameworks like webkit, webcore etc which have been updated to reflect security/stability issues & are also used by Mail, iTunes etc etc - not the greatest plan. Multisafari allows older Safari versions without imposing outdated frameworks on other applications.
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    Thanks but I doubt it's any addons issue. Brand new straight-out of the box. Already had tried new account. Osx is a dud.
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    As you wish; but it's curious that most users can still access tabs that way.
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    Okay Andy. Slightly less irate today (though I was up to 2am because my 10mnth old imac at home has suddenly stopped loading past the Grey welcome screen - and running disk utility is telling me my keys are out of order or something, and that i have to try to back up what i can and reformat everything – completely out of the blue)

    Anyway... i have to thank you. I shouldn't have been so quick to discard your suggestion with the addons... as this computer is literally fresh out the box... i thought it wasnt possible. Anyway, it turned out there was one folder in that location called CT LOADER?

    I deleted it and Presto. Seems to be working so far.

    Begs the question.. what is CT LOADER? From what i can find from quick Google it is a toolbar relating to VUZE? dunno what that is or why it was intalled on my mac.
  • iPhone... Mark of the beast? Level 1 Level 1
    Also.. stupid toolbars at the top of my Safari are now gone. Which doesn't bother me in the slightest.
  • andyBall_uk Level 7 Level 7
    cool iPM

    the toolbar is usually a customised version of that offered by as a way to display advertising/related content/tracking/ whatever else.

    used by Vuze & many others.

    I can't explain how it would be on a new mac, but with Vuze say, you have to read quite carefully to avoid them installing the thing - doubtless others are similarly slick... so it's easily overlooked, apparently.

    To see how/when - look at

    paste that into safari... & search for CT & you ought to be able to find a name for the installer, and maybe see what was installed around the same time and/or from the installer package, exactly where it came from.
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    I COMPLETELY AGREE!! This functionality is essential! Every time I download a file I have to go to Downloads, find it under whatever name it came with, rename it to something useful, and copy it out of Downloads to where I want it. It's a huge pain and adds a tremendous amount of time trying to stay organized.

    1. Prompt on every download for save location.
    2. Allow user to name the file whatever he/she wants upon saving it.
    3. Improve PDF handling so that when the Save icon (or save option from the File menu is selected), it also prompts you for name, location and file type. It's crazy that I'm reading a PDF directly in Safari but if I want to save it my only options are to a) download it to the Downloads folder with whatever name the website gave it, which is always completely useless, or b) save it as WebArchive format. Why can't I just save it as a PDF?!?

    Thanks for your consideration.
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    It works just like I described it.

    If you want to download 30 files into one download location, yes, go into your preferences and set the location, since you'll want them all in the same location.

    Or you can right-click on each download, if you are clicking 30 items, and specify the location, but with 30 items, why not change the preference so it is automatic?
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    Another point for "download now" type of buttons. I need to be able to change the name each time I save. I need to append the date at least. Otherwise I get the same filename with -1, -2, -3 appended. Not good enough.

    Apple, please get this back into the product. At least the OPTION.
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    Im here for the same reason. bl**dy safari cant be set to ask where I want to save a download.
    To those that ask why I would want this: Because it is mandatory requirement to be productive.

    This lack of functionality is indicative of level of disrespect the arrogant Apple Dev team holds for its target end-user. The assumption is made that most end users of their apps dont even really know what a folder is. So no point giving these idiots a choice, it will just confuse them. Sadly this may actually be true, but for those of us that use it as a tool we need "check-box" selectable functionality. FF, IE, and most other browsers have the Ask-Where for downloads function..
    Well at least this level of poor functionality is in line with that of most other out-of-the-box apple-apps.
    Finder - woeful lack of power.
    Mail - kind of just a toy, but at least what IS there works well, unlike Outlook.
    iMovie - Wheres the "File Export" menu , oh its called "Share" now. Ummm what if I am not Saring.. what do I do then... And when you do "Share" it creates, without option, a protected.m4v file that CANNOT be shared!. Shouldnt the button say "Dont Share". Wheres the Fridge?

    Ok Im being a smart-arse, but honestly, why do we pay extra for this Apple stuff, when it doesn't really have the functionality we expected?
    Sadly, this it is getting worse...less end-user settable function with each version update. eg iPhone - you need to JailBreak it to be able to run the apps that you want.

    But I digress.... Apple! get your s_t together, or we will all be Google fanboys!

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