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In repeating events , in the calendar app of Iphone or Ipad, How can I stipulate for egsample: "every second tuesday of the month " or even every last monday of every second month..
These selections work in the Google Calendar. but I cannot find the way to do it in the standard ipad or iphone calendar
all I can find to select are "Monthly , weekly , . I want to be able to select "day of the week " or "day of the month" Thanks ,

Toshiba , Windows XP, iPhone OS 3.0.1
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    Standard iPad calendar does not support this. Nor iPhone.

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    The iPhone/iPad version of iCal doesn't have this option, but the Mac desktop version does (assuming you use a Mac). Follow the directions below and then sync your device with your Mac and the repeating event will appear in your mobile device.

    Open iCal on the desktop. Make a new event. Double click on the event and then click "edit." Change the repeat option to "Custom..." Select frequency as "monthly." Click the bottom radio button that says "on the" to enable you to set which day to repeat on. Close the event info window and then sync your device.

    I hope they enable this option in the mobile software soon. It is a glaring omission for a calendar program.

    P.S., sorry, I just noticed you didn't include a Mac in your hardware list. I don't know how you'd accomplish this with Windows. Maybe this post will help someone else, though.

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