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Hey, after googling this problem it seems a lot of people have this problem. I have a new (several months old) iMac that will get the spinning beach ball when the computer is not even being pushed. I'm talking about it doing this for 30 or so seconds when only Safari is open. Doesn't seem quite right considering it's a 3.06 GHz 4GB Intel iMac. Is this a software problem? Or did I get a lemon?

iMac 21.5 Inch, Mac OS X (10.6.3), 3.06 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo
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    I'm talking about it doing this for 30 or so seconds when only Safari is open.

    Most likely not a lemon but a problem with Safari. Did you install any third party Safari plugins or input managers since you've had your iMac?

    If Safari has actually crashed, you can copy/paste a crash report in your reply so we can get an idea of what's causing the problem.

    Open a Finder window. From the Menu Bar click Go/Go to Folder

    Copy and paste this path into the Finder dialog:


    Click the Go button.

    Finder opens the folder containing the crash log. Look for a the crash file with a date field that looks like the *most recent.* Copy and paste the entire report in your reply.

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    as strange as it sounds it's probably a corrupt install of OSX. my 2nd imac was the same way out of the box. from what i've read alot of the imacs made it out of the factory with bad loads of the OS (how that happens is beyond me, my 2nd imac is from the Chinese factory so maybe that explains it). it's ridiculous to have to reload an OS right away but mine has been fine ever since, not one lockup and i've stress-tested the **** out of it.
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    I was just using Safari as an example, but you're right, it can be buggy. Seeing as there is hardly any 3rd party software, and it's only lightly used. I'll have to try reinstalling OS X. I'll just have to get an external harddrive first. Thanks for the help.