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I have the 2G(2008) Generation Itouch and i've been finding it increasingly hard to add apps to the thing, due to not having 3G. How do I go about adding 3G to the Itouch? Is it possible or not?
Answers please!

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    Hello Brea_J,
    And welcome to Apple Discussions!

    How do I go about adding 3G to the Itouch? Is it possible or not?

    Nope. 3G is only available on the iPhone and iPad at this time. Your iPod touch does not have the necessary hardware to make this possible. Sorry.

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    We iPod touch users **** get used to the fact that we can only rely on wifi and a computer with itunes and an internet to use all features. Apparently, 90% of the apps require an internet connection. It would be good if you had a wifi router in your house. That way, you can always use the iPod touch just like an iPhone except no carrier network but you can still make calls using skype though.
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    We can only hope. Having 3G in the next touch would be a great addition. So often as I travel I'm away from any wireless connection and having 3g would certainly add flexibility.
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    There are some options... just put together a solution for my wife using a wifi router from clear which works with both the itouch and ipad plus it gives them direct access to files on any microSD card.

    I have a writeup with details at http://BevHoward.com /iOS.htm if interested.

    Additionally, when researching this I found several USBmodem/router options that have the ability to use a usbmodem with a usb wifi router to do the same. The issue that lead me to clear were the "plan restrictions" that ended up expensive and unreasonable for us since we don't have a standard "voice plan"

    Note that while clear provides 4G to the itouch and ipad, coverage is limited and only within the usa, but they do provide sprint 3G "fallback" when clear is not available.

    Hope that this information is of value.
    Beverly Howard