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Dear all, I have a Apple ID since work fine about 1-2 year, one day i got the message the password not correct, even try on itunes , iphone 3gs, and web site also, i am sure the ID and password is correct, the i can do anything , then i try retieve password site, the web site show me the message "Apple ID specified does not exist", i have try everything to retieve ID and Password still not luck!, then i call local apple support hotline, they tell me they can not give me support about apple store account, just give me a support form URL, then i give them a support request few day ago, still not got any contact from Itunes store support, any other channel to get contact with them and check whats wrong with my Apple ID?!!!

thanks you very much !

Dell, Windows Vista
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    Unfortunately I do not have an answer to your problem, just wanted to let you know exactly the same thing happened to me! One day out of the blue, my iTunes store bluntly refused to download something, and told me that the AppleID i had been using for the past 4 years was invalid?!

    I had to resort to applying for a new Apple ID with the ending @mac.com instead of my previous @hotmail.com account. The most annoying part of this is the credit left on my other account has also fallen off the face of the earth! :'(
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    Finally, just know apple itunes store support service email is poor like this,

    if they like, they will sent you a ribbish information, if they don't like just ignore my message. what are the service promise is eveything nothing!

    after reply me over ten day no respond, no solutions, no channel to complaint! if this is not the protection plan to ignore the customer, i don't know what is the support promise!

    and the adviser is no common sence to support the customer, totally misunderstand customer report issue. really poor apple!!!!