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My iPhone won't turn on at all unless plugged in, in which case recover and DFU mode are the best I can get. It happened randomly, I sent a text as per normal, and went to check after a while and the phone was off. It was charged only hours before (was at 97%).

I only bought it back late March.

If i try to restore, I get a 1611 error (so probably a hardware issue). I've tried a LOT of different stuff, but nothing's yielded any success.

Normally I would've taken it in to be checked/replaced, however, due to my service provider having nasty roaming charges (that the iphones option doesn't prevent) it was jail broken in order to disable data usage. So since that apparently kills warranty, I'm wondering if there's any chance anyone can direct me to solving this issue.

This has been really stressful so thanks in advance for any assistance.

iPhone 3GS 16GB, iPhone OS 3.1.3
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    You're in a bit of a pickle there. You are correct, 1611 is a hardware failure. To verify you can try restoring as "new" on a different computer other than the one you normally sync with. If you still get 1611, that will confirm a hardware failure. You won't be able to restore with a hardware failure & you are correct, you have voided your warranty by jailbreaking(easily detectable in the phone's present state by the geniuses).

    Looks like a third party repair shop will be your only choice.
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    Thanks for the response. Seems I've lucked out and will have to make a repair shop visit.